Introducing Sinch Mailjet’s new AI Copy Generator

Want to produce creative copy in seconds? Mailjet’s new AI Copy Generator automates the time-consuming task of email content creation, so you can focus on growing your business, nurturing relationships, and delivering value to your readers.

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As email senders, we’ve all been in this position before – staring down at a blank screen just willing words to appear as if by magic. It’s so intensely frustrating: The more we encourage our brains to do the task, the more these words seem to abandon us.

The phenomenon we are referring to is, of course, writer’s block. And when you need to work on your next campaign, promote an upcoming release, or just keep your customers updated about your latest news, writer’s block can really slow you down and create extra hurdles for the whole team.

So, why not leverage technology to get a helping hand? At Sinch Mailjet, we know innovation is key to turning email creation into a simpler, more streamlined process, and our product team has been working hard to make that a reality.

The result? Mailjet’s new AI Email Copy generator!

The growing relevance of AI

The AI revolution has reached almost every corner of the business landscape, and email marketing is no exception – it can be used to analyze data, to A/B test and optimize campaigns, clean your email list, and, of course, generate content for your emails.

This is particularly true for platforms catering to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), who have already been leveraging AI-driven solutions to save time and enhance productivity.

As marketers, we know AI can be a controversial topic, but we also know there’s no stopping it. But don’t think this means you are suddenly going to be out of a job. AI can be an email marketer’s best friend...but it will never replace the marketer.

While AI-generated, data-driven email campaigns are undoubtedly powerful, they can't fully replace the vital role you play. You know your goals, your audience, and your brand. People are still needed to interpret that data and humanize AI recommendations in a way that truly speaks to your customers.

That’s not to say the AI can’t help you become a better email marketer, though – and Mailjet’s new AI Copy Generator is here to prove just that.

Introducing Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator

Crafting content manually can be time-consuming and challenging – we know it.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Mailjet's AI Copy Generator, a feature that has been built to help email senders create compelling content that resonates with their audience.

An AI email copy generator is basically a software tool or platform that uses AI and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to help email senders with their content creation. Think ChatGPT, but for email.

Sometimes, as is the case with Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator, they are pre-built into the email marketing platform for added ease of use. This means you won’t have to switch back-and-forth between different browser windows or applications to get the copy you need into your template. Our AI Copy Generator will do it for you.

Illustration of how the AI Copy Generator works

Sinch Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator in action

Interested? Well, read on to find out all the ways in which our new feature can enhance your productivity and fast-track your email creation process.

How can Mailjet’s new AI Copy Generator help your email program?

As a Mailjet customer, you're probably excited to see what our new AI-powered tool can do. But before you jump right into it, let’s explore all its potential. How can Mailjet’s new AI Copy Generator help you with your day-to-day work?

Increase efficiency and speed

One of the obvious benefits of AI content generators is that they save a significant amount of time by automating the process of drafting email content.

Instead of spending hours brainstorming and writing emails, you can quickly generate compelling copy, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your email strategy. You’ll just need to post-edit, but the hard work will all be done for you!

Did you know Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator can instantly translate your copy into 21 different languages?

Improve accuracy and consistency

As email senders, we are sometimes prone to human error, variations in style, and inconsistencies in messaging.

AI technology excels in ensuring accuracy and consistency, and with a range of options to choose from when it comes to tone of voice and audience type, you’ll be able to create copy that consistently speaks to your customers in the same style – in the language of your choice.

Screenshot of a sample of Mailjet AI Generator's tone of voice options

Use Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator to create email copy in different tones of voice

Boost engagement

The success of your email campaigns hinges on your ability to engage your audience and motivate them to act. This could be to commit to a purchase, sign up for a webinar, or simply share your content with their network.

AI copy generators help you create personalized, compelling copy that deeply resonates with your readers. Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator allows you to provide demographic and psychographic data - including age range and interests - to tailor your messaging to specific segments and produce copy that speaks to their specific preferences.

Leverage it across multiple use cases

As marketers, we often work on many forms of customer communications, adapting our message to different goals and formats.

Mailjet's AI-powered tool can make that work easier for you by providing copy for a wide range of applications, including marketing campaigns, sales outreach, newsletters and updates, customer support, onboarding, and more.

And with over 20 languages supported, it’s the perfect partner for global companies that send multilingual communications.

What’s better? You’re also able to input a campaign-specific prompt to guide the copy generation process, providing further contextual information to refine the generated content.

Mailjet's AI Generator interface with different fields

Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator uses campaign-specific prompts to guide your copy

Getting started with Mailjet's AI Copy Generator

You’ve seen how Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator can save you time when it comes to crafting copy. Now it’s time to put that theory into action.

Here’s how you can access and use the tool:

1. The AI Copy Generator is conveniently integrated into Mailjet’s Email Editor and located in the text block toolbar. Simply click on the text you want to enhance and prompt the Ask AI button for assistance.

How to use Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator Ask AI button

2. You will then be asked to enter a descriptive prompt as well as optional complementary details, including:

  • Tone of voice: Choose between informal or formal tones to align the generated content with your brand voice and audience. 

  • Audience: Insert variables to make the content more relevant and tailored to individual recipients.

  • Word limit: Choose the number of words based on the depth you're aiming for in your response. For example, you could specify a maximum of 200 words.

  • Language: Select the language of your choice. The AI Copy Generator supports output in 21 languages, allowing you to reach a broader audience with localized content.

How to specify your prompt in Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator

3. Press Create Content to get your copy. If you're not satisfied with the initial copy, the tool offers the option to generate alternative versions, enabling you to experiment and choose the one that best suits your campaign goals and audience.

You can generate up to 10 versions with one same prompt, which will help the AI Copy Generator get smarter and refine the output the more you use it.

How to generate alternative results in Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator

4. Review your generated results by clicking the back arrow and selecting the one that best suits your style. Then, click on Refine to review and edit the generated email copy to align with your brand guidelines and communication objectives.

5. Copy results to your clipboard for A/B testing or to explore different variations by clicking on the Copy icon. Once you’re satisfied, insert the finalized copy directly into the email text box.

How to copy results to your clipboard in Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator

“That easy?” Yes – that easy! With Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator, you’ll be drafting copy and sending emails in no time!

Create compelling copy with Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator

Excited about the prospect of using AI in your next campaign?

Great news – Mailjet's new AI Copy Generator is available now to customers with a paid account. Jump into your next campaign and test out this feature by following the steps outlined in the previous section.

Not a paying customer and want to take advantage of this new AI-powered tool? Upgrade today and start creating engaging content that's tailored to your audience’s needs.

At Sinch Mailjet, we’re constantly striving to bring you the latest technology and product innovation to supercharge your email strategy, and our AI Copy Generator is just the first step. Stay tuned to be the first to know about our Subject Line Copy Generator, coming to Mailjet’s Email Editor very soon!

Create content faster with Mailjet's AI Copy Generator

Unleash the power of AI to speed up email creation. With Mailjet’s AI Copy Generator, create compelling, conversion-driven content in a matter of seconds.

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