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Mailjet and Google Cloud

Simple to install and set up, the Mailjet x Google Cloud integration will help you create, send and track all your emails.

  • Overview

    Mailjet is a third-party global email service that offers Google App Engine users a free tier with 6,000 emails each month. In addition, Mailjet also offers:

    • An API, user interface, and SMTP relay to send transactional and marketing email.

    • European data privacy compliance.

    • Email and deliverability features such as customizable priority settings and automated throttle management.

    • API resource library in Go, PHP, Nodejs, Java, Python, Ruby to manage sub-accounts, authentication, contacts, campaigns, custom payloads, statistics, real time events and parsing through the Event API.

    • Integrated MJML framework to create responsive HTML email templates.

    • 24/7 follow-the-sun support in 4+ languages.

    • Ability to send emails from domains other than

  • Features

    Comprehensive Email API Benefit from Mailjet’s REST API, SMTP relay and optimized deliverability to send and receive timely messages and alerts, parse inbound traffic, track email events in real-time and synchronize your data back into Google Cloud Platform. Need help? Our dedicated API Support Team is here to answer your questions.

    Scalable infrastructure Whether your app or service needs to send thousands or millions of emails per day (or hour) or needs 1 or 100 dedicated IPs, we’ve got your back: Mailjet’s email service scales in real-time.

    European-based Servers (Mailjet is also ISO-27001 certified and GDPR compliant) With servers that are entirely EU-based, Mailjet simultaneously complies with data privacy regulations in Europe and the USA, making it the first GDPR-compliant Email Service Provider on Google Cloud Platform.

    Optimized deliverability Mailjet brings world-class email deliverability to Google Cloud Platform users on Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine. We help make sure your transactional and marketing emails hit the inbox no matter the time zone, no matter the country.

    Advanced features Gain access to an intuitive User Interface, a Real-Time Metrics Dashboard and Email Marketing Features. Mailjet is the only email service providing a solution to ease the development of responsive emails via the MJML markup language.

    International offering With offices located throughout the world, Mailjet offers user interfaces, documentation and 24/7 customer support in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French, German).

    API integration Leveraging the power of Mailjet’s API is easy and fast. Mailjet was built entirely using our own API. It’s fast, intuitive, RESTful and can be used with any language that supports http(s) requests. Check out how easy it is to send an email with only one simple API call!

  • Installations

    Before you send mail with Mailjet:

    1. Create a Mailjet account. As an Google App Engine developer, you can start with 6,000 free emails per month.

    2. In Mailjet, add and verify the sender email address.

    3. Follow this link to the API Key Management page, so as to obtain your Public and Secret APIs (please, note that if you do not know your current Secret key, you would need to reset it in order to generate a new Secret value)

    4. Select or create a new GCP project in the Google Cloud Platform Console and then ensure an App Engine application exists and billing is enabled: Go to Google Cloud App Engine The Dashboard opens if an App Engine application already exists in your project and billing is enabled. Otherwise, follow the prompts for choosing a region and enabling billing.

    5. Add your Mailjet API key and secret as environment variables to your app.yaml file.

    6. Add the Mailjet package to your composer.json file: composer require mailjet/mailjet-apiv3-php

    7. Include Composer’s autoloader.

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