Arnaud Bretton


Arnaud Bretton

Arnaud Breton led the Developer Evangelist team at Sinch Mailjet. As a key member of the developer community, he organized hackathons, attended events, and focused on building strong relationships with developers around the world. In the blog, he shares these developer stories with the Mailjet community.

Latest stories by Arnaud Bretton

Hermes is coding

What it’s like to be a developer evangelist

API (Application Programming Interface). Developer Experience (DX). You may or may not have heard...

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Hermes and Hera codding

Introducing Mailjet’s dedicated API support

You know that feeling you get when you're a developer and need help? We do. That's why, at Mailjet, we're now offering dedicated API support...

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Hermes is lecturing a rubber duck in front of a laptop

Hot off the email development world: Our #LitmusLive takeaway

If you’ve been following us, you’ll know by now how passionate we are about email design (a passion...

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Hermes repairing case in front of the screen with codes

Dev.Mailjet just got a fresh new look

Today, email is a key aspect of any application, yet having to manage your own email infrastructure is painful for most developers. That’s...

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Hermes is about to fall from an envelope in front of a Goddess standing on some stairs

Designing the perfect transactional email with templating

We all agree that email’s an amazing channel to engage with our users on (if you don’t, start by...

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Hermes sitting in front of the screen

A new way for you to test and experiment with our event API

The Event API is a pretty nifty part of Mailjet’s API collection. It helps you track transactional...

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God with glasses drilling into hard drive with colorful background

More contact actions, more endpoints

Following our API team’s hard work on the ‘Newsletter’ action endpoints, we are excited to...

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