Mailjet Monday: Emmanuel Boisgontier

This week we sat down with Emmanuel Boisgontier, our Customer Solutions Engineer, to discuss our exciting new API documentation.

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Happy Monday! This week we sat down with Emmanuel Boisgontier, our Customer Solutions Engineer, to discuss our exciting new API documentation, interesting trends in the developer community and what he loves about his role.

What do you do for Mailjet?

I’m part of the Developer Relations team in Sofia, Bulgaria. My main responsibility is to explain to customers how they can use our APIs, and to help them integrate the API into their system. What’s great about my role is that it’s a fantastic learning experience. Every day I get to learn more about email and come up with ways to help customers solve their pain points.

You led the revamp of our current API documentation. What does the new version include?

The main idea behind the revamp was to make the previous documentation more readable. We’ve restructured it into a step-by-step guide, and added more examples in different languages. It’s important to talk to developers in their own language, after all!

We’ve also improved contact list management. It’s now much easier for customers to import their contacts, by uploading large files or sending us their list. The revamped documentation gives more information about this awesome new functionality.

Which technologies are you really excited about at the moment?

At Mailjet, we’re really interested in Golang right now. We recently released a new Go wrapper, which allows users to manage their contacts and campaigns, and send marketing or transactional emails through the API.

Another technology we love here is ReactJS, which powers our email builder Passport. React allows customers to edit their email templates in real-time without having to refresh the page.

What’s your favorite aspect of your role?

Improving the customer experience is what it’s all about; we’re currently working to enhance our personalization feature for the newsletter template, so our users can better cater to their individual subscriber’s needs and interests. Our new functionality and user-friendly API documentation is now making processes such as contact management a lot easier.

I have to say, my ultimate favorite moments are when I see a client I’ve worked with for a while send their first email newsletter.

Eager to learn more about our API revamp? Have a look at the new documentation here.

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