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Better customer targeting with date properties

Now, you can save and use other information in date format. It allows you to improve automation, segmentation, and email personalisation!

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“Boss, do you know how long our 20% discount sale has been running for?” “Isabelle, don’t you think we should offer something to customers who have been with us for more than six months?”

If questions like these come up during your brainstorming sessions, you’ll surely be thrilled when you have a look at the new contact property format you can now access from your account.

The Date type property is here

Ok, we’ll admit that, put that way, it might not seem like the most incredible news we’ve ever announced... but the date type property offers a world of possibilities that will surely spark your imagination.

So, what exactly is a “Date” contact property for?

When you import a contact list to your account, you are importing emails in addition to precious information, such as first and last name and other properties you have on your contacts.

Now, you can save and use other information in date format, which offers endless possibilities. You’ll have access to registration date, birthday, last purchase date, account expiration date, VIP sign-up date... the list goes on.

It turns out this new item is a powerful addition to your marketing strategy. It allows you to improve automation, segmentation, and email personalisationBut how? Just keep reading and you’ll see.

Collect information about your contacts

To automatically collect information about customer behavior, associate your Mailjet account with one of our many partner connectors, such as Boomtrain, Mautic or Segment. You can also connect your preferred CRM to Mailjet using Zapier.

Keep in mind: It is also possible to import this information manually, but all date type properties must be imported in the same format.

Use dates to automate your emails

Once you’ve automated the information chain, you are ready to take full advantage of our automation feature.

From your account, choose the “Contact update” scenario. Armed with your new date type contact properties, you can trigger the sending of an email or a series of emails when one of the values changes.

 You can configure your workflow to trigger the sending of an email right when the date property changes for one of your contacts. You can decide to trigger automated sending when this property:

  • is the same as the chosen date

  • comes before the chosen date

  • comes after the chosen date

  • is between the chosen date and another one.

Improve user targeting

The Segmentation feature has also changed. You can now segment your users by date. For instance, you can create better-targeted contact lists by selecting only contacts born after 1995, or contacts who registered for your service more than six months ago.

To do so, you now have access to multiple operators, so you can let your imagination run wild as you segment lists as often as you like. Try selecting only contacts whose birthday, registration date, expiration date, last purchase date (non-exhaustive list) was/is:

  •      before

  •      after

  •      the same day as

  •      not the same day as

  •      between and

  •      “Today”

  •      within the last X days

  •      within the next X days

  •      repeats each year on

There are so many ways to improve campaign targeting!

Improved email targeting

This new date property format offers a different way to personalize message content. Insert the most appropriate variable into your marketing, transactional or automated emails and your recipients will feel as though the message was addressed personally to them.

What are you waiting for? Give the new date property a try!

Before you put your nose to the grindstone developing new strategies, we are counting on you to express your joy on Twitter.

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