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Pauline Donore


Pauline Donore

Pauline Donore was a Product Marketer at Sinch Mailjet. She worked closely with customers and email enthusiasts to help them leverage Mailjet's tools and features for their email sending. In the blog, she shares product news, tips, and ideas to make the most of the Mailjet app.

Latest stories by Pauline Donore

Hermes and two goddesses hang up some spheres in front of a mug

Mailjet helps facilitate inter-team collaboration

If you are already a customer or you follow our news, you know that over the past few years we...

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Hermes and a Goddess look at an email being sent

Manage your templates easily with Mailjet’s gallery

New features to manage your templates will let you organize yourself better and save precious time.

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Hermes and a Goddess try to put two puzzle pieces together in front of a bridge

Facilitated collaboration and advanced email template management, new at Mailjet!

Ho, ho, ho… No, it’s not Christmas yet, but it’s easy to see why you might think so at Mailjet!...

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Gods announcing in front of colourful papers

Better customer targeting with date properties

“Boss, do you know how long our 20% discount sale has been running for?” “Isabelle, don’t you think we should offer something to...

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A god holding a mail in front of a cell phone

Send transactional email confidently with Mailjet Real-Time Monitoring

Transactional emails are at the forefront of most businesses today. Whether you are directly...

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Hermes and a Goddess looking at emails in a laptop

5 new email editor features that all developers & marketers will love

With our editor, Email Editor

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Hermes reads his emails on his computer in a sofa

Simplified style and personalisation management in Passport, a new template and much more

Since we launched Passport in June 2015, our email editor has gone through many changes (*sniff* they grow up so fast)...

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Hera giving the ideas to working Hermes

and work more efficiently

What marketer hasn’t experienced déjà vu? You have to send out a new campaign, but you’ve...

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Hermes and two goddesses hang up some spheres in front of a painter

Sharing email templates makes collaborating easy

It’s true! So after hours of slaving away and endless back-and-forth, you’ve put the finishing...

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Hermes is thinking in front of the desktop with mail

has integrated MJML to make emails easier

Almost a year ago, we launched MJML to make life easier for those who design emails and begrudgingly test their messages on different...

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Three Gods hang up some spheres

Simplified collaboration using sub-accounts with Mailjet

How many of you have found yourselves working on projects where the number of contacts is continually increasing? Doesn’t it seem like...

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Hermes and a Goddess sort out figures in front of a colourful display

Edit images for your emails without leaving the editor

If you are not a trained graphic designer or passionate about retouching images, then you are probably...

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