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Create even more targeted segmentation for maximum engagement

Never say no to optimization. Mailjet new pack of segmentation conditions will be very useful to your business. Check it out!

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As an email marketer, you probably know your basics. There’s no need to remind you how segmentation is critical to boost your conversions. Should we?

It’s the tactic that will save you a lot of time, help you nail personalization, and make your audience feel like you just get them.

Mailjet’s Segmentation feature offers multiple scenarios. We recently released more conditions to help you cover even more use cases and target refined segments. Never say no to optimization. Here is why and how this new pack of Segmentation conditions will be very useful to your business: 

1. Include or exclude cohorts in a single click

Catch even more attention when creating segments based on “email addresses” or “dates”.

A. Batch select targeted emails

Filtering on your email address whether it “contains”, “does not contain”, “starts with”, or “ends with” is now possible. Because role-based email addresses typically have a lower engagement rate, this helps you target recipients and take actions like removing addresses starting with “support@”, or selecting all customers who work at a specific company with addresses ending in “”.

B. Save time while identifying customers

Are you storing date information about your customers as a contact property? Check out these new conditions on the dates: date “is NOT in the last”, and date “is NOT in the next”. As an example, this helps you target recipients whose renewal subscription date is NOT in the next month.

2. Full overview of your audience behaviour

Better manage the specificities of your audience, and re-shape your strategy based on how your customers react to your emails. The following filters are here to save you a considerable amount of time.

When creating segments based on recipients' activities, you’ll find a bunch of new conditions to optimize your sendings, grab more attention and ultimately, expand your engagement.

A. Resend a campaign to your non-openers

If you wish to better target recipients who did or did not open a specific campaign or any campaign you sent, we’ve made that easy with our new filtering conditions. These will ease follow-ups with recipients that didn’t open and read important emails. Getting an eye on their habits is the toughest part - now it’s easier for you to figure out what re-sent, optimized message will trigger their attention this time.

B. Stay top-of-mind until you earn that click

Find out which recipients did or did not click on one specific campaign, or any campaign you sent at all. You’ll be able to see who has read—but hasn’t engaged with—your call-to-action.

C. Segment to keep your list healthy

The “list subscription date” condition segments recipients who subscribed to your list after a certain date, which helps you keep your list up-to-date. For example, we recommend that our customers only target recipients who have opened their emails in the last 6 months. This condition enables you to exclude newly-subscribed recipients—because they haven’t opened any email yet—and keep them in your active list.

3. Preview a segment sample before you send

On Mailjet’s segmentation page, we show you all the important information at a glance. You can already see:

  • The total contacts in the contact list

  • The total contacts in the segment you are targeting

  • The percentage of the segment from the list

Now you can also preview a sample of 10 contacts that make up your segment, to quickly verify if the results return the right contacts based on the segment's conditions. If the segment uses contact properties, the properties will also be displayed in the sample.

You can have a look at the Segmentation page and try these improvements already. We bet you can get some extra points of engagement in a snap simply by refining your segments. It’s as easy as a click.

Segmentation is available for all our Premium users.

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