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Clean up your email list with Mailjet EU verifications

15% of emails never reach the inbox. Clean your mailing list with Mailjet’s EU verifications. Our tools are fast and 100% GDPR-compliant.

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You know the power of Mailjet’s intuitive tools for creating beautiful emails — but how do you ensure that your intended recipients see your creations?

It might seem simple enough. You write captivating copy and supplement it with eye-opening images, press send, and boom — your email goes to the inbox of everyone on your mailing list, where your recipients are eagerly awaiting your next correspondence. Right?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. Did you know that 15% of emails never reach their intended destination? That’s a lot of missed opportunities.

That’s where deliverability comes in. It’s not enough to fire your emails into the void of cyberspace and hope for the best. You need to make sure that they’re actually arriving in the inbox of everyone on your mailing list. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing industry-leading email verification services to the EU, along with an easy-to-use bulk preview feature.

What is email verification?

Email validation or email verification is how you ensure that you’re sending emails to real people with real email addresses. There are multiple ways to validate. When someone opts in to receiving your email communications, for example, you can send them a test email to confirm that the address they gave you is real, and they have access to it. Another option is to take an existing list of email addresses and use a service to verify which are deliverable and which may be problematic.

Why should I validate my email list?

Validating your email list is a known best practice — it weeds out risky email addresses that negatively affect your sending reputation. In a recent survey, we found that nearly a third of respondents had started validating email addresses within just the past year.

However, not everyone does it. Why? We’ve discovered that there are three key questions people ask when it comes to validating their email lists:

1. Does my email list need to be cleaned?

It’s estimated that over 20% of your email list “goes bad” every year. This includes addresses that change, stop engaging, or unsubscribe altogether. Left unchecked, an email list that initially seems pretty engaged can quickly turn into a list of dead ends. So to answer the first question: yes, for the best emailing results, clean your list.

2. How often should I validate my email list?

Setting a schedule for validating your email list might seem arbitrary. Should you do it every three months? Every six months? Depending on whom you ask, the range can vary widely. However, the answer is actually quite simple: you should validate your list as often as you can afford to, which brings us to the third question...

3. What’s the value of validating my email list?

How much do you value a clean list? Unengaged and unresponsive email addresses drive down your open and click-through rates, which hurts your email program’s engagement metrics, which hampers the visibility of future email campaigns, which in turn lessens consumer interest and ROI on marketing campaigns over time. In short, validation directly impacts your reputation as a sender — and your reputation is part of your brand.

In today’s world, email is a vital marketing tool. Ensuring that you have a clean list of engaged, interested customers helps you deliver your messages directly to the people who want what you’re selling.

That brings us to the main question: how can you assess and improve the health of your email list quickly and easily without incurring an excessive financial burden?

Announcing verifications in the EU

We have the answer! Mailjets’s verifications infrastructure is now available in the EU, providing industry-leading performance and accuracy.

Mailjet email validations can be used in two ways: to clean contact lists or to integrate into your signup forms to validate a user’s email address in real time. Just like our Mailjet products, verifications are 100% GDPR-compliant, and you can rely on us as your data processor in the EU.

So how do you get started? You can get a free assessment of your email list’s health in a matter of seconds with a bulk preview. Once your preview has been generated, you can validate your list at the click of a button. And if you decide that the time isn’t right, then that’s fine, too. Because our bulk preview feature is free, you won’t have paid a dime to assess your list’s health. You can validate your list whenever it’s most convenient for you and your budget, resulting in optimal impact to both your deliverability and your wallet.

Verify your email list with Mailjet today

As deliverability experts, we know how important a healthy email list is. It’s crucial to get emails into your recipients’ inboxes and to ensure that you’re building a successful email program.

So don’t guess — ensure that your email list is clean and optimized. Use our email verification service to help your messages go where they need to go.

Ready to start validating your email list today? Request a quote!

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