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9 responsive email templates for your holiday campaigns

Learn how to create beautiful emails for your Black Friday, Christmas and New Year campaigns. Discover how to use beautiful templates for responsive emails.

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The end of the year is an exciting and stressful time for marketers. Exciting because there’s so much to look forward to during the holidays, like giving and receiving presents and embracing our creative side while designing stunning holiday email templates.

But, at the same time, it’s crazy stressful. So many things to think about all at once: HalloweenBlack Friday and Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year… All this comes at the time of the year when you have to assess how the year went and plan ahead for what’s just around the corner, something that’s even more important in the current climate.

Okay, we’re sorry. We didn’t mean to stress you out even more. And to be fair, there’s no reason for you to be that stressed. That’s because Mailjet has a surprise for you… Six brand new responsive email templates that will help you win the battle of the inbox this holiday season!

Free holiday email templates for the special dates

We always try to come up with new ideas to help make your life easier for everyone during the holiday season. Every year, we have six responsive email templates that allow you to create beautiful email campaigns in a matter of minutes.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Mailjet’s easy-to-use Email Editor helps you design your own emails without the hassle of coding. But for those of us who are busy or not that creative, coming up with a concept or layout can be time-consuming and maybe even frustrating.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s where our holiday templates come into play. Coded using our own open-source markup language, MJML, these email designs are ready for you to use and adapt to match your own brand.

To help you create the most stunning campaigns, check out our Ultimate Guide to Holiday Emailing and start applying all the design tips we have prepared for you.

Black Friday email template

The first big date during this time of year is just a few weeks away. That’s why we’ve created the best email template for your Black Friday campaigns. We all know that the main focus on these two occasions is promoting special offers, so you don’t want to distract the customer with useless information. It’s best to get straight to the point, which is why the offer and calls-to-action (CTA) should stand out overall in the design.

With a sleek and enticing design, this Black Friday template uses a pop of color to draw the eye to the most important part of the email – your CTAs. In this template, there are many different CTAs for you to offer different products or promo codes.

Want to use this Black Friday email template? Find it in our template gallery and customize it with the Mailjet Email Editor – it’s free! 

Cyber Monday email template

Our Cyber Monday email template keeps it nice and simple, with the combination of red and black providing an elegant touch. It uses a solid background and avoids multiple CTAs to ensure you don’t lose the reader’s attention.

Another important thing is to be consistent with your brand so that when your subscribers open the email, they recognize you straightaway.

Want to use this Cyber Monday email template? Find it in our template gallery and customize it with the Mailjet Email Editor – it’s free! 

Christmas email template

Christmas time is buying time, too. Everybody is looking to buy presents for their loved ones and there is hardly any other period in which people are willing to spend as much money as they do during the Christmas season.

During Christmas, the focus is still on buying, but it is quite different from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Our templates are designed to address these very differences.

During Black Friday, the key is the discount or promotion itself. But your Christmas campaigns, on the other hand, need to give your subscribers a flavor of what you offer. Including an overview of some of your products, something that will make the reader think: “Oh, that would be perfect for X,” is a great place to start.

Simple and easy to navigate; this beautiful Christmas email template lets you share the holiday spirit (with cute Christmas trees, Santas, and snowflakes…) while helping your customers with their Christmas gifts. You have ample room to share your products with customers, or just send them a nice e-Christmas card for the holiday season.

Using enticing titles that link back to the holiday season gives it a Christmas touch to attract the readers’ attention, and get them into the holiday spirit. Lastly, take it a step further by using personalization and segmentation in your Christmas holiday sales, to make your customers feel even more special.

Want to use this Christmas email template? Find it in our template gallery and customize it with the Mailjet Email Editor – it’s free! 

Holiday Sale email template

As email marketing experts, it can be difficult to find responsive email templates that also incorporate vertical images. When we go to test an email with irregular images, it can feel like throwing a dart at a dartboard blindfolded. And with 59% of emails opened on mobile devices, we can’t afford to get this wrong. 

But so many email templates out there don’t accommodate vertical images to feature products like clothing, watches, or lamps. Oh, wait a second, we just made one! 

Yes, our brand new Holiday Sale template puts imagery at the forefront of your campaign. But this isn’t just for fashion gurus – it’s for all ecommerce retailers who want to visually wow their customers. A picture is worth a thousand words, so choose this template if you want less chit-chat and more color. 

Want to use this Christmas email template? Find it in our template gallery and customize it with the Mailjet Email Editor – it’s free! 

“Year in review” email template

There’s no better time than the end of the year to reflect on your progress and recognize your accomplishments. Your company has no doubt racked up a few memorable stories too, and a newsletter is the best way to share them. 

And while we honor the past, let’s also get excited about our future developments. Like Frank Sinatra, your audience should know “the best is yet to come”. If only we had a responsive email template where we could separate and feature both past and future stories…

Well, you’re in luck – Mailjet’s “Year in review” newsletter template features text blocks that are broken up and formatted with a category, header, and CTA to help the reader scan over the content and find the stories that interest them. A “More Highlights” section is at the footer, perfect for getting your audience pumped for developments in the new year. The template uses white space generously to create an easy reading experience and demonstrates the use of beautiful fonts to convey your brand’s style. 

Want to use this “Year in review” newsletter template? Find it in our template gallery and customize it with the Mailjet Email Editor – it’s free! 

Happy New Year email template

Okay, this one may come as a bit of a surprise. “Why do I need a Happy New Year template?”, you might wonder. Well, to send them your best wishes for the new year, of course.

You want to build brand loyalty by letting your customers know that you think about them, that you cherish them, and you wish them all the best for the coming year. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the only emails that bring value to your business are promotional ones. Happy Holidays emails show them you care.

Wishing your customers a peaceful and productive new year is so easy now that you have this beautiful template.

While you’re wishing them a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year, you can also take the time to hint at what might be coming. Are there any big updates you want to let your readers know about or New Year’s events you want to invite people to? You can use this email example to hint at them, or maybe even announce them!

And why not make them even more fun by including some animated content? Always remember that customers want to feel close to the brands.

Want to use this New Year’s email template? Find it in our template gallery and customize it with the Mailjet Email Editor – it’s free! 


Send beautiful holiday email campaigns with Mailjet

Create and send the best holiday email campaigns with Mailjet. Use one of our predefined holiday email templates or design your own with our drag-and-drop editor and send them straight to the inbox.

Alternative holiday email templates for your seasonal campaigns

So you’ve seen this year’s six new templates – but wait, there’s more! We have a whole library of responsive email templates for your marketing campaigns available right now within the Mailjet app.

To make things easy, we have hand-selected three templates that are perfect for promoting your seasonal products, sharing gift ideas, or providing winter fashion tips. Let’s take a look: 

Seasonal products email template

If you’re planning to send out a campaign promoting products in your ecommerce store, check out our template – Oslo. Its sleek design is perfect for highlighting your seasonal offers and gift ideas. Enhance the Christmas feeling by including a festive picture at the top, and keep the email clean and simple, ensuring your products shine.

It’s also important to use high quality pictures, but make sure these are not too large, as they might not display correctly on all devices. Choose a clear headline that describes the content and entices the reader to open your email, like “Our special Christmas products“.

And don’t forget: even if your holiday campaign relates to Christmas, it still needs to reflect your company’s brand identity.

Want to use the Oslo template? It’s available now in Mailjet’s Email Editor

Gift guide email template

Mulled wine for lunch, anyone? Elegant, diverse, and utterly alluring – our Dutch Wine template is a perfect way to inspire your customers with gift ideas. 

The format is 1 : 2 : 3, which means it starts with an eye-catching hero image, moves onto two medium images, and finishes with three smaller images. These three column sections at the bottom are responsive and could be duplicated to show six, nine, or twelve products – something for everyone. 

Right, let’s get that wine on the stove!

Want to drink use the Dutch Wine template? It’s available now in Mailjet’s Email Editor

Winter fashion email template

“You look cute in that outfit” is the kind of compliment we want going into the new year. Showcase your winter clothing selection with the window shopping template – Cutely. 

The large 9:16 ratio header image offers a vertical perspective versus the standard 16:9 horizontal image we see in most templates. The 9:16 images further down are the perfect size to see entire outfits, watches, shoes, or other products that are better displayed vertically.

This template will hopefully elicit a “love at first sight” feeling before they even reach your website. For bonus points, use segmentation and dynamic content to ensure your winter fashion campaign speaks to each and every one of your contacts.

Want to use the Cutely template? It’s available now in Mailjet’s Email Editor

Start designing your campaigns

As we’ve already said, our aim is to make life easier for all of us marketers. Our templates do exactly that.

The best thing about using these Email Editor templates is that it only takes minutes to adapt and edit them to match your needs. Try them out or experiment with some of our other options by visiting our template gallery. The only thing you need is to have access to your Mailjet account or create a free account.

Good news – our beautiful holiday templates are now available directly within the Mailjet app. Here’s how you can start using them now:

  1. Go to

  2. At the top right, click “Login” or “Get Started” to create a free account.

  3. On the top menu, click “Templates” and then choose “My Marketing Templates”

  4. Hit the green button on the right – “Create a new template”.

  5. Select “Using a template from gallery”.

Voilà – all of the holiday templates featured on the post are ready to be customized in just a few minutes. All in a day’s work.

We hope that you love our templates as much as we do and that they will help your email campaigns make a splash in the holiday inbox. Just don’t forget the importance of the subject lines you use, because they will make a huge impact on your open rates.


Send your holiday email campaigns with Mailjet

Create and send the best holiday email campaigns with Mailjet. Use one of our predefined holiday email templates or design your own with our drag-and-drop editor and send them straight to the inbox.

If you need any more inspiration and marketing tips to build your Holiday campaigns, you can find everything you need in our Mailjet’s Holiday Emailing Toolkit.

Have you created beautiful email campaigns with our Holiday Templates? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter.


This blog post is an updated version of the post “Beautiful Responsive Email Templates For Your Holiday Campaigns“, published on the Mailjet blog on November 24, 2017 by Laura Chieri.

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