Infographic: How to maintain customer engagement over the summer

Maintaining customer engagement over the summer is a challenge in every email marketing strategy. Find out which campaigns maximise customer engagement

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It’s that time of the year again: offices are emptier than a hermit's address book, while beaches get so crowded you can barely find a space to lie on your towel. The vacations are finally here. Oh, yes, they are.

But with the vacations comes a tricky challenge for email marketers: keeping your contacts engaged during the summer, so that they don’t forget all about you because of their new summer flings, amazing tans and crazy party nights. No one wants to be sent straight into the spam box, right? Worried about pestering them while they’re feeling so idle?

You’re not alone: this is a crucial matter that many marketers think about every summer. Don’t panic though, all you have to do is read through our infographic and crack these five tricks to conquer summertime email marketing.

How to maintain customer engagement over the summer

What’s your email marketing strategy like for July and August? Which campaigns are you sending? Use the hashtag #MailjetSummerEngagement and tell us everything about your own tricks to maintain customer engagement over the summer on Twitter.

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