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A Greek god in a bubble

The benefits and tools of AI email marketing you should know about

Since the beginning of time, new inventions have changed the way people work. Mechanical tools simplified back-breaking agricultural tasks, the assembly line revolutionized and streamlined manufacturing, and the personal computer transformed...

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Greek god and goddess carrying a Christmas tree

125 Christmas email subject lines and ideas for your next festive-filled campaign

Inbox competition is fierce all year round, but the holiday shopping season is arguably the most competitive as more and more companies vie for customers’ attention. The good news? Although people are incredibly busy this time of year – Christmas shopping, going...

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Mother's day gift for Hera

Marketing calendar 2024: Dates you shouldn’t miss this year

We finally got through 2023 (phew!) and Q1 is just around the corner. It’s time for you to start scribbling down your New Year’s Resolutions to make sure we start the year with a bang. If you’ve found your way here, we’re guessing that’s because creating a winning...

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Greek gods with a Christmas tree

7 Christmas newsletter ideas and templates for your festive campaign

Christmas is just around the corner, which means email senders will have to pull on the festive socks (or stockings?) and start thinking about the Christmas newsletter. If this is your first stab at a Christmas email newsletter, it might seem a little overwhelming. You’re...

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A Greek god and goddess holding shopping bags

Email Academy: Holiday email campaigns that drive results

The craziness that is the holiday email storm has started to sweep through everyone’s inbox. And while your Halloween email campaign might already be trick or treating customers’ inboxes, that still leaves Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday...

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Hermes on a robot's shoulder

Introducing Sinch Mailjet’s new AI Copy Generator

As email senders, we’ve all been in this position before – staring down at a blank screen just willing words to appear as if by magic. It’s so intensely frustrating: The more we encourage our brains to do the task, the more these words seem to abandon us. The...

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Gods doing security check

What is DMARC and how does it work

Mailbox providers have gotten pretty good at spotting – and eliminating – dangerous, unwanted emails. But some spam still gets through. These messages have the potential to do damage to both individuals and companies. That’s why email authentication has...

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Greek gods connecting planets in space

Email and SMS: Navigating customer communications in an omnichannel universe

With an estimated 4.6 billion smartphone users worldwide and a marketing campaign open rate of 97%, it’s easy to see why SMS is proving a popular addition to email. Combining the power, reach, and engagement of both channels...

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A God and a Goddess decorate a Christmas tree

25 responsive email templates for your holiday campaigns

The end of the year is an exciting and stressful time for marketers. Exciting because there’s so much to look forward to during the holidays, like giving and receiving presents and embracing our creative side while designing stunning holiday email templates. But, at the...

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Greek goddess watering plants

Email Academy: 5 essential practices for building high-quality email lists

In the first episode our Email Academy series, we established just how powerful a tool email marketing can be in creating impactful connections to your audience. But the truth is, the success behind each campaign so often depends on the quality of your email list...

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Hermes and a Goddess shopping in front of a sofa

Black Friday email marketing: The complete guide

Some things keep coming back faster than you expect them to. As soon as the summer heat starts to fade, stores magically become filled with Halloween and holiday decorations…and suddenly, you’re thinking to yourself, “oh, right, it’s that time of the year...

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Hermes scared of his own reflection

87 email subject line ideas and examples for your Halloween campaigns

Shock and horror – you're sending out a Halloween email campaign but can't think of any good subject lines... The scariest part? 47% of your audience open emails judged on your subject line alone. Fear not - we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll show you some...

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