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Hermes delivers a letter to Hera

What is the Gmail automated unsubscribe feature?

Ah, email, the final communication frontier. From the early days of AOL to today’s large-scale email-related services, clients, and more, it has undoubtedly changed our lives and evolved over the years. One of those email actors leading the way when it comes to...

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Hermes and Hera sitting on some cupcakes

Email marketing best practices to improve your performance

Following guidelines might not be the most fun thing in the world, and you might think it puts a bit of a limit on your creativity. But email is one of the most flexible and customizable marketing channels, and there’s a lot you can do to stand out and show off. These...

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Gods with paintbrush and colored pencils

Top B2C email marketing campaigns and how to optimize them

From stringing two cans together as kids to sending two dozen emails a day as adults, our use of communication evolves as we grow older – along with what we expect from it. If you ever tried the tin can and string method as a kid, you probably just thought it was cool to...

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A Greek god and goddess on top of the letters spelling AI

How to write AI prompts for your email marketing campaigns

At this point you’re probably familiar with AI-powered copy generators such as OpenAI ChatGPT, Gemini, and Sinch Mailjet’s AI Tool. You might have even had the chance to experiment with them yourself, perhaps creating different subject line ideas or CTAs...

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Greek goddess on a phone beside a bouquet of flowers

100+ Mother’s Day email subject lines and ideas for your next campaign

Held on the second Sunday of every year (this year falling on May 12, 2024) Mother’s Day sees fathers, sons, daughters (and mothers) from around the world come together to show appreciation for that very special lady in our lives. And rightfully so! It’s also one of the...

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How to create a landing page (in 45 mins or less)

Creating an effective landing page is a fundamental skill for any email marketer looking to drive conversions and maximize the impact of their campaigns. In today's digital landscape, where attention spans are short and competition is fierce, a well-designed...

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A Goddess analyses stas on a laptop

8 email marketing statistics that can supercharge your business

Have you ever heard someone claim email marketing is dead? What about the claim that it would slowly decline as social and digital communication channels took hold? This prediction has proved to be wide of the mark, with email marketing continuing to...

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14 types of landing pages: Matching method to marketing goals

Landing pages are the unsung heroes of email marketing. They're the gateways to your offers, the first impression you make on your audience, and the key to converting visitors into leads or customers. But not all landing pages are created equal. In fact, there's a...

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How to track email marketing with Google Analytics 4

Everything in marketing comes down to numbers. How many people are you reaching? How many conversions did a campaign achieve? What’s the return on ad spend for the most recent Facebook campaign? Your email marketing program is no different. You...

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Hermes sits on Macbook Hera speaks

What’s the best time to send your email newsletter?

If you're an email marketer sending marketing emails to customers, you’ve probably already asked yourself this: What’s the best time to send my newsletter? The time you schedule your emails determines how high your open rates and click-through rates...

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Hermes and a Goddess hold puzzle pieces in front of a bike wheel

How to integrate landing pages with your email marketing campaigns (and why)

Crafting compelling email content is crucial for all senders. But what happens after a subscriber clicks that enticing call to action (CTA) you’ve rounded out the copy with? Where are you sending them to? And why? A well-thought out and connected lead...

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God watching woman with computer wires

What is an SMTP relay and why do we use it?

Emailing is hard. It might look easy at first – just write something smart, press 'Send' and wait, right? But mastering the channel’s ins and outs is not that simple. The world of email is full of complicated words like email deliverability or relay servers, confusing acronyms...

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