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The most creative ideas for New Year’s email campaigns

The winter holiday season is over on December 26, right? Well, not quite. Don’t forget about the New Year's optimistic energy! ! Check out these cool email marketing campaign ideas to get your Year of Email off to an excellent start. Not sure what to do? There’s no...

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What is a webhook and why do you need it?

Just think about the amount of information you get about the emails you send. We’re sure you love all the detailed stats Mailjet offers, but you wish there was just a way the right data would come to you, instead of looking for the needle in the haystack. That’s where...

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How email segmentation can increase your conversion rate

They say each person is as unique as a snowflake. And each unique snowflake has its own unique interests and needs. That’s why traditional emailing strategies like email blasting have gone out of fashion – except maybe among prolific spammers. Email segmentation...

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Email marketing trends for 2023

Let’s face it – the world is shaping up to be a complicated place in 2023. With looming threats of a global recession, brands everywhere are bracing themselves for a year of uncertainty and, in some cases, a certain degree of scrappiness in their marketing efforts...

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Create the best transactional email with these tips

Once upon a time, branding didn't play much of a role in marketing emails. Before, you'd design email templates with images, tables, and inline CSS. If there were any logos at all within a promotional email, you could consider it branded. Today, branding is a vital...

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5 trusted principles for growth through receipt emails

You go to an online store, purchase something, check out, and voila! The transaction is successful. What's the next thing you do? You check your email for the purchase receipt. It turns out almost everyone around the world does the same thing – we wait for the...

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7 tips to get inspiration and write effective email content

As an email marketer, creating engaging content that drives conversions and helps your brand excel is a top priority. After all, email marketing campaigns are one of the most effective ways to create and build customer relationships, and finding ways to optimize...

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How transactional emails affect customer engagement levels

All businesses majorly focus on acquiring new customers. They aim to ensure that the customers remain loyal to them and don’t choose their competitors. However, these businesses tend to forget about the newly acquired customers until it's time to lure them...

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What’s a sustainable alternative to paper receipts?

In a research study, Mailjet found that 15 of the U.K.’s top 30 high street clothing labels fail to offer any kind of e-receipt to customers when shopping within their physical stores. Brands spend at least £32M on printing 11.2B receipts in the U.K. Despite the boom in...

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8 marketing ideas and best practices for transactional email

Transactional emails, also known as triggered emails, have become an integral part of the user experience due to the increasing popularity of ecommerce websites for purchasing items ranging from household essentials to cars. These emails can include an order...

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Kick off your holiday email strategy with these 5 ideas

Holidays are just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. Over the upcoming winter months, we plan to discuss email strategies and the best practices to get to the top of the inbox as businesses vie for wallet share. Content, design, deliverability, analytics...

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Quickly create stunning email templates with these 7 essential design tools

The old saying is true – a picture speaks a thousand words. 83% of the information we learn as humans is visual and 54% of internet users share self-generated visual content. With visuals being a driver of consumer interest and motivation, design is one thing you’ll...

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Email subject lines that tap into the impact of emojis

If you receive our newsletters or have been reading our content for a while, you’re probably aware of Mailjet’s obsession with emojis. Seriously, we love them! Fun fact: Did you know people around the globe celebrate World Emoji Day on July 17? That’s because the date...

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Hermes and Artemis bake a cake in a kitchen.

How to create the perfect newsletter design

It’s typically frowned upon to use a pre-mixed cake mixture when baking a cake. Somehow, it’s considered cheating if you don’t shed blood, sweat, and tears to create something special. But when it comes to newsletters, you don’t need to start from scratch when...

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How to test responsive email design

As an email marketer, you want to reach a broad audience who are interested in what you have to say. This entails compiling an email list of interested subscribers, personalizing the content you send, and analyzing data to find out what works best. But what if you follow...

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Which SMTP port should I use with Mailjet?

Choosing an SMTP port can be tricky. If you’re configuring your email system to send or relay email, you’re probably wondering: “Which SMTP port should I use?” Sounds tough...

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Email marketing psychology: 8 hacks for effective campaigns

We often use shortcuts to make our decisions. Many times, we rely on our emotions while making decisions because it’s not always possible to sit and logically think out every small choice we make in a day. For instance, when going through your inbox, you read only...

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ePrivacy: Everything you need to know about the EU Cookie Law

What do you know about the EU Cookie Law? You’ve no doubt taken efforts to comply with GDPR, but you should also be prepared for the new ePrivacy directive that’s about to take effect. How can you do that? In this article, we have summarized everything you need to...

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ALT text in email – why is it such an essential feature?

Research shows that visual posts garner 650% higher user engagement than text-only posts. In fact, 67% of consumers prefer detailed, clear images instead of customer reviews or product descriptions. Based on these statistics, it’s safe to say that focusing on...

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How email is significant in modern workplace collaboration

Workplace collaboration is an excellent practice that helps your brand achieve its true potential. By considering input from multiple people, projects become more refined, take less time, and promote inclusivity. Collaboration had a different meaning back in the day...

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Millennials and Gen Z: Differences in email marketing

Millennials are growing up! The generation born between 1981 and 1996 is now 26–41. They're starting families and moving forward in their careers. The next generation, Gen Z, encompasses individuals born from 1997 onward, i.e., from kids still in elementary school...

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Optimizing your global strategy with email localization

If you love to travel, you definitely know how it feels when you experience different cultures, traditions, and customs of distinct countries. Of course, sometimes, hopping on a plane and heading to some far-off exotic destination is easier said than done. The COVID-19...

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3 email marketing ideas for companies that love sports

You’re here because you know the power of email marketing and want to maximize your return on investment (ROI) in the sports marketing field. So strap in, and we’ll tell you how to use digital marketing to reach your business goals. Creating engaging email content is...

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The 4 best ways to use emojis to optimize email subject lines

We don’t need to tell you how common it is to use emojis for digital communication. But how did emojis become symbols of human emotions? Today, emojis are so popular that we even have an emoji keyboard and an emojipedia explaining each one’s origin. They’ve...

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