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Hermes in front of the macbook

Gmail’s newest Postmaster Tools means more inboxing

The Gmail Team announced last week a new suite of Postmaster Tools that is spreading positive news through the email community...

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Hermes with mask dealing with spam

The cover-to-cover guide on global spam law

There was a story that my parents imprinted in my childhood memory. I had an uncle that grew up in a small, secluded village in China....

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Hermes and Hera with crayons

Spring is here! Time to give your inbox a spring clean

The sun’s out, the rain has resided… we all know what that means right? Spring time is upon us...

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Hermes and Hera in front of the desktop graphics

January blues: Declining open rates and what to do about them

It could be that it’s one of the colder months of the year (in the northern hemisphere), or that we’re just coming off the holiday season...

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Three superhero gods in front of a screen

Flight School Friday: Developing for deliverability

There are a number of API “hacks” that can be done to boost your deliverability rate.

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God in mask spamming

Flight School Friday: How to outsmart the spammers

We give you the most common tactics of spammers and teach you how to beat them

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Hermes getting scanned

Flight School Friday: The history of spam

The spam folder; it’s every email sender’s worst nightmare. Being mislabeled as spam hurts your...

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Hermes sending a letter

[STUDY] Email personalization: How good is it for your deliverability?

A study recently came out that went almost completely unnoticed. Nevertheless, it raises a crucial point. The practice of...

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Hermes sits on a coffee mug while a Goddess talks to him

The new Gmail tabs: What conclusions can we draw?

On May 29th, 2013, Google launched a new version of Gmail. The major change was the appearance of the now famous tabs...

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Gods in costumes in front of a building

10 HTML tips for improving your email deliverability

Three years ago, a Mailjet team member experienced a surprising situation with one of the clients of his...

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Gods putting together molecule pieces

Can a beer improve your deliverability?

No, finding the nearest bar and ordering a nice cold beer will not solve your deliverability...

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Hermes and a Goddess share data while a hand draws

Your email reputation also depends on your domain name

Over time, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and webmails have developed many techniques to detect...

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Hermes carries a box of letters to a Goddess in front of a wooden window

Deliverability advice: Test the rendering of your emails!

Ask what an HTML coder thinks of email…the response is rarely complimentary! In fact, HTML...

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Gods doing security check

Deliverability advice: Personalize the sender domain name

Have you ever heard of identity theft? These people will steal someone's identity in order to subscribe to various services...

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Gods doing security check

Deliverability tip: Identity behind a sending domain name

Some folks create a domain name (dedicated to email campaigns) linked to a non-functional, non-existent website. A good...

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Gods in front of laptop screen and plant with megaphone and x sign

Deliverability advice: How to avoid the pitfalls of inactive contacts

To begin, in the world of email, what exactly is an inactive contact? We can define this term as an email address that has not been reactive...

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Gods take pictures of themselves on a growth curve

Flight School Friday: DMARC results in 90% reduction in spam

Alex Stamos, Chief Information Security Officer at Yahoo!, recently testified in front of a US...

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Hermes and a Goddess split email in front of colourful cabins

How to monitor the reputation of your IP address

When you send big amount of emails, you have to constantly watch your email reputation...

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A God with a face cover doing somethin evil with a laptop

Safer Internet Day: How Mailjet helps

Safer Internet Day is today ( We, at Mailjet, want to use this...

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Hermes delivering a box full of letters

8 lessons learned from Yahoo’s bold move of recycling inactive email addresses

Since Marissa Mayer was appointed CEO, a lot of things have changed at Yahoo.

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