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Hermes thinking about spam

8 ways to avoid ISP Blocklist

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocklist is probably your worst nightmare. Ending up on the blocklist is like having your domain name and IP address kicked out of the club, dropped from the mail server, and locked behind a firewall. (Plus, they threw away the...

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Hermes and a Goddess deliver mail in front of a green and orange house

How to handle SPF and the 4 steps to create an SPF record

Do you find dealing with email spammers feels like playing a game of Whac-A-Mole? When you whack one, two more pop up in its place. With spammers, when you find a way of...

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Smirky god on moped with green and red background

Email throttling: An optimization guide

Have you ever started an email campaign, only to receive error codes time and time again? The doomed “message not sent because of server error”? It may not seem harmful, but...

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Gods putting mail in blue mailbox

What is IP reputation and are there ways to improve it?

You know the old expression, “you’re only as good as your word”? In today’s complex marketing climate, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) judge your trustworthiness as harshly...

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Hermes and a Goddess split email in front of colourful cabins

IP address explained & basics you should know

The internet is an essential part of modern digital life. Humans use it for almost everything, from shopping to dating to appointments. Every time you use the internet, you use an IP...

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Sunset policies in your email program

Email deliverability rules have changed. It’s not a numbers game anymore where more email addresses equal more potential customers. In fact, new laws actually penalize you for sending too many emails that go unopened. Enter the need for an email sunset policy...

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Hermes is floating with a picture in front of a screen

Improving your sender reputation to boost email deliverability

Deliverability. That's what’s at the center of any successful email marketer's focus...

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Hermes and a Goddess deliver mail to two old postboxes

What’s cool about COIL

In terms of opt-in options, you probably think you’ve got them down. But we’re here to...

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Hermes filling up a mailbox

Sender score and email reputation: What are they and how to improve them

Everyone likes good scores, whether they be in sports, video games, or academics...

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Hermes wearing a mask sits on a sofa and spies emails

Spam traps: What are they and how to avoid them

When it comes to online mail, spam traps can be the bane of many companies’ existence...

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A masked Hermes is doing something evil with email

What is phishing?

Even though technical security measures are improving constantly, phishing remains one of...

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Hermes looks at a screen with a bin full of emails

Email list cleaning: Why and how to properly clean your email list

Spring cleaning is a drag. We get it. But just like it’s important you get rid of all those broken...

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Hermes on the motorcycle delivering mail

Email deliverability: A how-to guide to get into the inbox

How often do you check your spam folder? Almost never? Then how do you know that important emails aren’t in your spam folder? Do...

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Gods putting mail in blue mailbox

Terra Mail is about to close: All you need to know

Not so long ago, we told you Orange Email was closing down. It seems like EE are not the only ones that have gone on a spring cleaning spree...

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Gods in front of laptop screen and plant with megaphone and x sign

Orange email is closing: Here’s all you need to know

There’s not much time left: on May 31st, Orange, Wanadoo and Freeserve domains will be shutting down a number of email addresses, and valuable...

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god and goddess holding a christmas tree

Infographic: The journey of your emails this Christmas

There are many mysteries out there around Christmas. How does Santa Claus know where...

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Hermes on Santa's sleigh

The journey of your emails this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner – at least for the email marketer – and the time to think...

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Hermes and Hera in front of the mailboxes

Opt-in is for life, not just for Christmas

The Holiday season is the time to grow your email lists. Email opt-in is the key to do it right -follow our tips to convert your contacts for life...

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Hermes with a mask thinking about security

Yahoo!’s security breach and what it means for your email sending

Last week, the Internet was shaken by another scandal on data security. Yahoo! announced that the credentials of 500 million of their user...

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A thief steals some emails

Quiz: What kind of spammer will you be this holiday season?

Soon, that time of the year will come. You know, that time when turkeys and other feathered...

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Hermes riding Santa's sleigh in front of presents

Improve your email deliverability: The secrets to send your holiday emails straight to the inbox

Is there anything worse than putting your blood, sweat and tears into creating the perfect email campaign, just to see it land in the spam folder...

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Hermes delivering a letter to Hera

Get ready for easier unsubscribe on iOS 10

August is the perfect month to prepare for Back to School and sharpen your marketing efforts...

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Hermes bracing himself

Using Gmail for email marketing: Not such a good idea

A few days ago, Loïc Le Meur published a post on the French blog Medium wondering why his newsletter kept being marked as spam in his subscribers’ inboxes...

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Hermes hesitates in front of a building

How to get the most out of Gmail’s Postmaster Tools

It’s been a few months since the launch of Google’s new Postmaster Tools for Gmail and by...

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