Your email reputation also depends on your domain name

The reputation of your IP address has a considerable impact on the deliverability of your emails. Your domain name can help you improve it.

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Over time, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and webmails have developed many techniques to detect spammers and filter their emails. Originally, filters operated on the basis of the IP address's reputation (IP = unique identification number on the Internet) by creating blacklists. Unfortunately, spammers have found a solution by changing IP addresses frequently.

For this reason, ISPs and webmails have developed other technologies to reduce the amount of spam coming into their clients' inboxes. The reputation of the domain name is one of these techniques.

A two-tiered reputation: senders and links

The first tier, without a doubt the more important of the two, is the analysis of the email sender's domain name (from). It must be validated by proper configuration of your DKIM signature and your SPF record. Both technologies authenticate one or more IP addresses, such as those belonging to Mailjet, as authorized to send email originating from your domain name.

ISPs and webmails also analyze the site to which your emails provide links. To measure the number of clicks, routers establish redirecting links using a domain name chosen by the sending platform. Ideally, these links should use the same domain name as your website. Now available for all Mailjet accounts!

What are the benefits in a domain name's reputation?

  • Greater stability for your reputation. Email platforms like Mailjet use many IP addresses simultaneously to optimize sending performance and speed. As several senders can share the same reputation in terms of the IP address (except in the case of a dedicated IP, available in Mailjet's Silver Plan), it is important to rely on your domain name's reputation, as well.

  • A reputation that follows you in case you change your email platform. For example: If you become a Mailjet client and you want to use the same domain name as before, you will benefit from the reputation acquired from your previous platform.

To take full advantage of the reputation linked to your domain name, don't forget to correctly configure your DKIM signature and your SPF record and your tracking links.

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