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Can a beer improve your deliverability?

In this post, we tell you about how conviviality is an essential part of your deliverability. Relationships are important for building reputation and trust.

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No, finding the nearest bar and ordering a nice cold beer will not solve your deliverability problems! Unless…you need a little break to gather your thoughts. In this case, try not to overdo it anyways…

If I’m talking about beer, it’s because it’s a great catalyst for improving conviviality (just ask the Mailjet Dev Evangelist team).

Why on earth are we talking about conviviality?

Because deliverability is not just a list of technical rules. Human relationships between specialists are paramount. To be recognized in the world of deliverability is an important step.

There are many events organized around deliverability and spam. Organizations such as MAAWG (Message Anti-Abuse Working Group) meet several times a year around the world. This is an opportunity for deliverability experts to discuss often highly technical issues … and get to know one another.

An email platform should also contribute to the fight against spam

As you may know, Mailjet’s anti-spam policy is extremely strict and even goes beyond certain requirements set by the law! The prohibition of purchased or rented lists, the obligation to get permission (whether B2C or B2B)… The establishment of methods to detect spammers is one of the priorities of the platform.

This willingness to fight against spam is a matter of respect. Respect for consumers who do not want to receive spam. But also respect for Mailjet’s clients. Indeed, it is a way for us to stand out from the crowd: to guarantee to Mailjet’s clients that the platform will operate with the best reputation possible.

This reputation (which has nothing to do with the reputation of an IP address) will allow Mailjet to be able to come into contact more easily with peers in the deliverability industry… including over a beer ;-)

Learn the new filtering rules

ISPs are often wary of email sending platforms. That is why they are reluctant to disclose changes in their filtering rules. If they do, it will only be with people they trust, with people who have demonstrated their seriousness and commitment to the fight against spam.

Solve certain deliverability issues

What do you do when your IP address has been blocked by an ISP? The first instinct is to rush through the tools provided by them…when they exist (see the case of Gmail below). And even if these tools exist, you’ve filled out a contact form and you’re still not sure if your problem will be addressed!

The best solution? Have a direct contact who can address your problems. It is not a matter of special privilege. Only a matter of trust …

Drink a beer with the Gmail team … the Holy Grail?

Some deliverability services are much more discreet than others. This is, for example, the case for Gmail, which does not provide diagnostic tools for deliverability incidents. In addition, Gmail’s filtering rules are among the most secret in the industry.

So what do I do now?

Unless you are considering launching a Mailjet competitor … nothing! Both of Mailjet’s deliverability directors work with their teams to manage the trust and relationships for you!

The best thing you can do is respect Mailjet’s anti-spam policy…and your subscribers!

Photo Credit : John White, GNU FDL

[ Posted Fri, 19 Jul 2013 14:14:00 ]

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