But who is this JL who is writing articles on Mailjet's blog?

In this post, we tell you about our interview Jonathan Loriaux, CEO of Badsender. We find out about his career as well as his experience working with Mailjet.

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For several weeks, you may have noticed a certain JL signing about two articles per week on the blog. JL is actually Jonathan Loriaux, who you may know through his blog (in French). Interview time!

Jonathan, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

One could say that I fell into email when I was little! From the beginning of my career, I have always had a function in connection with my employers' email marketing strategy. Firstly, on the advertiser side for an international ecommerce website and then for five years at Bisnode group, not to mention a brief stint in an agency.

When browsing through your CV, it is difficult to tell if you are a technician or… something else!

It’s true! I started on the technical side for lack of qualification. I have always been a sort of ...jack of all trades,“ and between the Debian web server (a GNU/Linux distribution) installed in my parents' library when I was a teenager and my interest in online marketing, I finally have a coherent path.

I started my career as a webmaster, then became a specialist in email integration, before moving toward the sales side at Bisnode, and finally, I found myself as a product manager  on the marketing side. All that was coated with a layer of consultancy and articles about email marketing on my blog (

As an emailing specialist, what is your role at Mailjet?

My role is primarily to create content around Mailjet's two specialties, namely transactional email and deliverability. The content is posted as articles on this blog, but also as guides, white papers, etc….

Isn't it complicated to find inspiration on these two subjects?

Not really! One might think that you can say everything in a few articles, but this really isn't the case. For example, regarding deliverability, we made a list of subjects to be developed and if we did one article per week, it would last over 10 months!

As for transactional email, variations on this theme are also very numerous; we do not manage transactions in the same way on an ecommerce website as for an online newspaper. In the same vein, transactional email isn't limited to purchase confirmations!

After two months of collaborating with Mailjet, what has impressed you the most?

Mailjet is a UFO (yes, there is a bad play on words in this sentence). With collaborators all over Europe (as well as Canada and the US), reactivity time and dynamism are really remarkable.

But what impressed me most is the focus! While some email platforms seek to enter all areas of the market, Mailjet keeps a simple and well-defined position: Delivering your transactional emails in the best conditions while offering all the necessary tools (APIs, SMTP relay, plugins, libraries…).

[ Posted Fri, 31 May 2013 15:09:16 ]

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