Mailjet's teaming up with AirPair!

In this post, we tell you about teaming up with AirPair, a service that allows you to remotely pair with a developer to help you find success with your APIs.

Gods putting cubes together



At Mailjet, we believe in simple, easy-to-use but impactful experiences. As a result, we offer a full REST API that allows you to integrate email into your apps or services and innovate with maximum flexibility so that you can build as your vision sees fit. Sky’s the limit.

To take this experience one step further, we’re excited to take part in AirPair, a service that allows you to remotely partner with expert developers via recorded video chats and screen sharing. This pair programming technique allows you to consult with developers who have used our product and have found success with your APIs. These experts can not only help with code at a line by line level but also help to inspire with some real-use cases. The neat part is that according to The Economist, code developed under pair programming is 70-85% less prone to errors.

Being part of AirPair’s Trusted Partner Community, we have Mailjet Experts on hand at our AirPair on-demand site, waiting to help you out with your next project.

Already a pro with our APIs and want to give back with your knowledge? Sign up to be a Mailjet Expert now.

[ Posted Wed, 30 Apr 2014 17:25:32 ]

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