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Mailjet launches email home delivery service

In this post, we tell you about the launch of our new feature, Mailjet’oMagic©. While it is still in beta, read on to learn more about this new feature.

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Mailjet announces the launch of Mailjet’oMagic©, a new technology that allows you to send emails under any circumstances. For example: you will be able to deliver printed versions of your emails, even to mobile recipients. 

Mailjet : the ultimate culture of innovation

Since Mailjet's creation, our goal has been innovation at all costs: we are striving to revolutionize the world with email. To be inventive, it is necessary to always look toward the future. This is certain. But to be truly disruptive, it is necessary to combine the future with the methods of the past. The great visionaries have all done it: Steve Jobs could never have invented the PC without having been inspired by Pascal's calculator. This is Mailjet's philosophy as well.

The email of tomorrow: the challenge of deliverability

So, we racked our brains in this context of future and past: how to reinvent email while integrating the postal know-how that man has perfected for thousands of years? Our number 1 objective is that emails arrive in the receiver's inbox, but how do we manage when this isn't the case?

Our technical team first attempted to develop a solution that would work with the recipient's printer, to automatically create paper versions of messages not received in their inbox. However, this process required us to develop a program that controls recipients' computers.

After consulting with the CNIL, this solution had to be rejected. It was an easy decision because nowadays, people often read their emails from mobile phones that are not connected to printers. To disrupt email, it was necessary to go further and question the essence of the concept of the transmission of a message.

Mailjet’oMagic© : going beyond the postal paradigm

Mailjet’oMagic© reinvents email delivery: it is a revolution. The element of the past that the email industry has not yet integrated is this: ...the hand delivery“ by a postman or courier. The real added value lies here, as we've known since Pheidippides. It is now necessary to rehabilitate the messenger, especially when the message does not arrive as it should.

This empowering software was developed internally from our mobile R&D center. Our developers and our deliverability experts have worked together in close collaboration. This new product allows you to associate an email address to a mailing address, thanks to FISHA

FISHA is an algorithm developed by the FBI and MIT after 9/11: it stands for Federal Internal Search for HomeAddress. The project has recently been put into open source by the Obama administration. We utilize  IP address geocaching to identify the postal address of an email. An RFC has been implemented to describe the entire protocol invented by Mailjet’oMagic ©: it is being reviewed by the appropriate internet authorities.

Once Mailjet’oMagic© is activated, all unopened or unclicked emails can be physically rerouted to their recipient. Mailjet will partner with several large postal service providers to manage the logistics: they will serve as the main actors in this new network of physical routing.

Mailjet’oMagic© is 100% mobile and invents in real space“

Mailjet already functions in real time, but we will now manage the spatial dimension, as well. Individual mobility is essential. The problem of mobile users is thus addressed through partnerships with all major operators. Access to mobile geolocation data allows us to perform triangulations to send messengers to recipients in motion. Mailjet’oMagic© is in tune with today’s marketing techniques: deliver the right message at the right time and in the right place.

How to take advantage of this technology preview?

Our partnerships are not yet set in stone; thus, Mailjet’oMagic© is only operating in beta and will only activate upon user demand. You can ping us on Twitter to test this new feature.

The CPMs are not decreasing because printing messages and stuffing envelopes is not yet outsourced. However, the campaign ROI is very high, even with the cost per thousand of €  that we are applying today.

[ Posted Mon, 01 Apr 2013 11:52:56 ]

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