Introducing Imane, our community manager!

In this post, we tell you about our interview with Imane, our community manager. She tells us about her interests and why she decided to join Mailjet.

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The team continues to grow. We are now recruiting in all areas: you can check our jobs page, if you are interested! All newcomers will be presented with a series of notes; we believe it is very important that you know who is behind Mailjet :-)

So Imane opens the show. We searched for our Community Manager long enough, because we needed someone who was both “a sharp communicator” and “passionate about technology, a bit geeky.” To learn more, read on!

Hello Imane. Welcome! I liked your multi-faceted profile very much; can you tell us more about your background?

I have taken a somewhat unusual path: I am a journalist by training, both literary and scientific. To be precise, I studied philosophy, physics and chemistry. I felt it was important to look into the sciences in terms of epistemology, all with journalistic rigor gained during my internship.

So, how did you get into Community Management?

I worked as a web journalist for a long time and I blogged quite a lot. I’m also a heavy Twitter user (@Moom_light). Through events and consultation projects, I became totally drawn into the wonderful world of web communication!

Why us? Why Mailjet?

When I learned that Mailjet was recruiting in my area, it was obvious to me. It just rang a bell. Or “Pow” it hit me just like in the movies.  Firstly, I hate large ossified structures. 20 validation steps to post “good year” on Twitter? No thank you. I prefer human-sized companies, innovative and promising.

In addition, I really need professional recognition. It is crucial for me to effectively participate in the growth of the company I work for.  Also, I thrive on new challenges, and working for Mailjet requires very specific knowledge in very different fields, such as marketing and technology. I have to expand my field of knowledge every day and this is a real pleasure.

What will you bring to Mailjet?

I am very attentive to my customers, they will always find me available to speak to, and I will do everything I can to address their needs in a timely manner. I am passionate about producing dedicated and informative content that will help our clients in their steps towards optimisation.

Mailjet takes up a lot of time, certainly, but what do you do in your spare time?

I have practiced gymnastics for years. Besides that, I love ruining the benefits of sport that I practice by preparing cakes. I’m addicted to sugar in all its forms.

Projects for the short and the medium term?

Successfully complete my trial period and adopt a dog.

Thank you and take note that it may be you the interviewer next

[ Posted Wed, 20 Feb 2013 09:42:00 ] !

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