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What makes Mailjet a secure email solution?

For many organizations, the security of your data & your clients’ data is crucial to the reputation of your business - what makes Mailjet a secure solution?

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In the age of big data, email plays a key role in the day-to-day management of any business, whether it be sending marketing communications or a transactional email based on a user or customer action. There is one aspect that is imperative to all businesses: the security of their customers’ data. It’s also a key factor in customer loyalty - subscribers want to know the ins-and-outs of data security.

When we’re out in the field talking about all things email related, there is a topic that always comes up… security. We are frequently asked “What differentiates Mailjet from our competitors?” and, “What makes Mailjet a secure solution for email?”. We understand that for many organizations, including ones from the government, public sectors and financial services, ensuring the security of your data and your clients’ data is crucial to the reputation of your business.

So, what makes Mailjet a secure solution for email?

In a nutshell, we understand the importance of data security to your business. Let’s dive in and look at some of the steps we’ve put in place for our clients, so that they can rest easy at night, knowing their email solution is secure.

Don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at how we helped our client Linxo.

Security and architecture

Data security is key for email sending. When you partner with Mailjet, all your data is stored on servers within Europe (Google Cloud Platform). But that’s not just it. Your data is encrypted at rest and is copied and placed in separate locations in real-time. Additionally, all communications sent through our application are also encrypted.

Mailjet makes security a priority. Whether you’re accessing our web interface or API we allow you to tailor the access rights for your team members, with user authentication, API key management and user right management.

Our security processes begin with our product development. We have processes in place to ensure our development methods and quality procedures meet the highest standards. Our developers only work on staging environments, which do not store any customer data.

When it comes to release management, the Mailjet team follows a documented release management process, with records and slots for all software updates. We then ensure a rigorous backup, occurring daily and weekly. On top of that, our data centers are controlled against power failure, with redundant power systems.

A security policy to shield your emails

The fundamental principles of Mailjet’s security policy are to the highest standard, ensuring all information hosted on the Google Cloud platform is secure. Mailjet is GDPR-compliant and has obtained the AFAQ certification from AFNOR Certification, guaranteeing that we respect the principles of GDPR.

Your dedicated team of Mailjetters have security embedded within their culture, from the moment a new team member signs their employment contract (with confidentiality agreements ensuring full discretion) to regular updates from the IT team on new internal processes and procedures. Roles are clearly defined and identified for information security. And this also applies to any third-parties that help us to deliver a first-class level of service, who are under NDA agreements, assuring an integral level of confidentiality.

The reliability of our all-in-one email solution is fundamental to the credibility of the Mailjet brand. Our rigorous backup strategy and disaster recovery plan (including the fact that our employees can work remotely) ensures that we keep the Mailjet application in operation 24/7, 365 days a year (and even an extra one on leap-years!). Our security procedures and standards contribute to this as well.

In the event of an incident...

We have the correct supervision, alerts and management in place to diagnose, identify, treat and test any incident. If you’re ever unsure if it is an issue on our side, please refer to the Mailjet Status Page, where we will endeavour to keep you up-to-date with the status of any incident. For clients with a Customer Success Manager, your dedicated email superhero will be at your side to guide you through any event that could impact your sending.

And for those wanting that additional layer of protection, our Premium SLA is there for you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your flight path, walking you safely through why Mailjet is the preferred secure email solution for over 100,000 email pilots, globally.

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