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MJML, the story so far…

MJML, Mailjet's innovative templating language that makes responsive email development easy, is just over 1 month old! Find out all about its story so far

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MJML, our innovative templating language that makes responsive email development easy, is just over 1 month old! We proudly introduced it to you a little while ago, anxious to see how you would like it. And now it’s time to step back and tell you more about its (thrilling) first month of existence.

Once upon a time...

MJML is a special project that has been nurtured for months at Mailjet, from its early stage when we were still working on Email Editor, our drag-and-drop email design tool, to its final phase of launch as an open-source project. We really wanted to create a new tool that would help developers and email integrators in their work, reducing the pain of coding responsive email. Our experience in this field resulted in the creation of, the first open-source language to develop responsive emails.

Now, the results are in

We’ve been astonished by the amazing response so far. The results that we got within just a few days went far beyond our expectations, with tremendous response from the community:

  • 800 upvotes on Product Hunt

  • 1,200 stars on GitHub

  • countless mentions on Twitter.

MJML was also included in Product Hunt’s newsletter on the week following its release, thanks to its great upvotes score in the span of a few hours only.

At this point, it was already pretty exciting - but wait, it’s not over yet! We have been receiving  even more love in last few weeks.

To date, MJML is proud to count:

  • 86,000+ unique pageviews on since the release;

  • 3,200+ downloads of its engine, growing at a fast pace of +30 % week on week;

  • 2,800+ stars on GitHub

  • 900+ upvotes on Product Hunt (covered on front page).

We also got featured on HackerNews, Litmus**, and on various blogs and online media** such as WBD and On social networks, we received a lot of comments on how easy to use MJML was, and how it was a relief to the pain of developing responsive emails.

And our community is awesome: they don’t just share love, they make MJML better. We got a lot of great contributions in just one month, from templates to tools and starter kits, not to forget component contributions!

We have users everywhere in the world: contributions keep coming from various European countries (France, UK, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal…) but also from Russia, Korea, India, Brazil and from the US.

Now, we need you

The quick success of MJML confirms that it addresses a real need in the email community with an innovative and simple solution. Of course, MJML isn’t perfect, and we’re counting on you to help us make it better every day by providing feedbacks, suggestions, or directly contribute on Github. Don’t forget that you can also submit your templates or components so we feature them - just reach out to us on Twitter, Github or via email. In fact, MJML is free and offers infinite possibilities, so use it as much as you want - the sky is the limit!

What’s next?

We will keep sharing with our community and enriching MJML with new templates and components to provide users with more choices and options.

We would like to thank you all for using MJML and showing so much enthusiasm for it. As always, we are grateful for your continuous support.

So here’s to wishing a long life to MJML and helping you code responsive emails happily ever after!

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