Fatima Zahra Hazzaz


Fatima Zahra Hazzaz

Fatima Zahra Hazzaz was a Product Marketing Manager at Sinch Mailjet. She focused on helping email marketers around the world make the most of the Mailjet tool. In the Mailjet blog, she writes about product news and strategies to leverage all our tools and features.

Latest stories by Fatima Zahra Hazzaz

Hermes shows some statistics to a Goddess

Create even more targeted segmentation for maximum engagement

As an email marketer, you probably know your basics. There’s no need to remind you how...

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Three Gods make an announcement in front of some air balloons

Mailjet launches analytics tracking for email marketing campaigns

Data doesn’t lie. Tracking means optimizing and getting better results....

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Hermes and a Goddess are watching a birthday cake in a screen

Mailjet’s marketing automation news: Anniversary scenarios

Email automation is, hands down, one of the most useful (and used) features for marketing...

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Hermes dancing on a laptop next to a mug

Activity logs: Track all changes made to your campaigns in Mailjet

If you are working in a large company or work with a team on your email campaigns, you...

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Hermes on moto delivering letters

Connect new social media channels in Mailjet’s email editor

Things are about to get a lot more social! You can now connect 10 new social media channels...

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Armored goddess in front of hand with keys

Contact management under GDPR: The ultimate set of features you need

We are constantly working to make things easier for you. We gathered here all features related to contacts and GDPR available for all Mailjet’s customers...

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Hermes announcing good news to gods

New: Add comments in your email editor!

Imagine… you are setting up your email templates for the start of the school year, your entire...

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Hermes points at a screen with an envelope

RSS feed and video preview: Our email builder just got better!

Right now, you’re probably enjoying the summer, spending a few days somewhere while you rest and...

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Hermes and Hera hanging out in the office.

GDPR: A Mailjet “how-to” guide to prove your contacts’ consent

Mailjet was the first emailing solution to be GDPR-complaint…

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Hermes delivering mail in front of two screens

New: Edit your emails with others in real time

Ta-da! WE’VE DONE IT. What are we talking about? A solution that will make life easier and allow you to collaborate on beautiful emails...

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Hermes putting image in an envelope

Apply your changes to multiple email templates with a single click

New year, new feature…makes sense, right?...

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