Beatriz Redondo Tejedor


Beatriz Redondo Tejedor

Beatriz Redondo Tejedor is the Sr. Manager of Brand and Content Marketing at Sinch Email. She is our content marketing leader, resident Ravenclaw, and strategy developer for our growing global content team and brands. She writes about the ins and outs of email, and the cultural and business impact of developing policies.

Latest stories by Beatriz Redondo Tejedor

How to track email marketing with Google Analytics 4

Everything in marketing comes down to numbers. How many people are you reaching? How many conversions did a campaign achieve? What’s the return on ad spend for the most recent Facebook campaign? Your email marketing program is no different. You...

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Hermes delivers a letter to Hera

Gmail Promotions tab: A guide to optimize email delivery

The Gmail Promotions tab’s hot debut in 2013 caused mixed reactions. Some marketing pundits predicted that it marked the end of email marketing as we know it. Others were less dramatic and just stated that it would have a negative impact on the opens and clicks of...

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Relationship marketing: The path to stable revenue growth

You’ve probably heard the saying: “It’s easier to keep a customer than to get a new one.” And while it may sound obvious, many companies still aren’t using relationship marketing strategies to build customer loyalty.

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Hermes sits on Macbook Hera speaks

What’s the best time to send your email newsletter?

If you're an email marketer sending marketing emails to customers, you’ve probably already asked yourself this: What’s the best time to send my newsletter? The time you schedule your emails determines how high your open rates and click-through rates (CTR) will be...

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Introducing Mailjet's new webinar series: Email Academy

We know what you’re thinking – building a highly performant email marketing strategy can seem tough. At Sinch Mailjet, though, we believe it doesn’t have to be, and we’re constantly committed to producing content that will help demystify the world of email...

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Why a consistent email cadence matters

With summer coming, it can be tempting to slack off on your email marketing. Maybe you wonder if your customers check their inbox as much during the summer. With more vacations, a few major holidays, and a general feeling of increased leisure, you may be...

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How omnichannel marketing can enhance your digital strategy

Let's do a quick activity. Try to remember all the times you've used the internet today. Every Google search, every email you've sent and received, every time you pulled up Instagram or scrolled your Facebook or Twitter feed. We’re guessing it's a lot. And most...

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Email file sizes: How big is too big?

Bigger isn’t always better for email marketers – especially when it comes to email file sizes. Trying to stuff large images or send big HTML files can hurt your email engagement and deliverability. So how big is too big for email file sizes? Is it time you put your email...

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56+ email subject lines that beg to be opened

Email subject lines are like the headline for your emails. How important are headlines in any advertising copy? Headlines are the gateway to the rest of your message. The ability to consistently write effective subject lines will result in higher open rates and more...

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Single vs. double opt-in: Which one should you use?

If you’ve been using single opt-ins for a while, the idea of double opt-ins may seem a little daunting. You’re effectively doubling the number of steps a user takes before their added to your lists. And this can be a little scary for most email marketers whose KPIs are...

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Hermes studies data and trends

How to grow your email list: 20 simple ideas

Have you ever experienced the bitter sensation of spending hours preparing an email campaign, only to see some of your readers unsubscribe? A disappointment like this can only be compared with doing the best exam of your life at school only for the teacher to...

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Responsive emails: Five things to avoid when writing them

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to create and maintain relationships with your audience. But when you create an email newsletter to promote your company, it’s essential that recipients can view it clearly, no matter what device they use: a phone...

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