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Go all in on your transactional emails this holiday season

The holiday season is a key moment for boosting your business. Want to know how to avoid a transactional email fiasco? Check out Real-Time Monitoring now!

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The holidays are a crucial time for your business. We might be approaching the most wonderful time of year (Santa Clauses everywhere, steaming mugs of eggnog...), but the holiday season is also a stressful time for e-retailers.

That's right, between Black Friday on November 24 and the entire Christmas period, the end of the year is a key moment for boosting your business. Many of you rely on transactional emails, which are essential for confirming online purchases and for ensuring that this period is a success.

But what happens when a purchase confirmation never shows up, or a password reset appears two hours after it's been asked for?

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Problems with transactional emails affect your sales

So we could better understand the challenges related to transactional e-mails, Mailjet commissioned a survey (conducted by Morar Consulting) on the importance people in France and the UK place on transactional emails: how do email problems affect customer loyalty with regard to brands, and how can brands improve their emailing approaches to meet consumers' needs?

According to this study, 76% of customers intend to use the services of a competitor following a negative experience with a transactional email (email not delivered, received late, etc.). We also learned that 41% of consumers wait no more than one minute for a transactional e-mail to arrive in their inbox before losing patience with the company concerned. Therefore, customers who do not receive their transactional e-mail within 60 seconds are potentially lost customers.

These figures make the need for brands to closely monitor the distribution of these e-mails absolutely clear.

Discover Mailjet's Real-Time Monitoring

The good news? Mailjet allows you to detect delivery problems with your transactional messages in real time, and informs you of the slightest anomaly. Thanks to Real-Time Monitoring, you can quickly find a solution in the event of a delivery incident with your strategic emails: confirmation of the creation of an account or a reservation, reminders about abandoned shopping carts, etc.

This function allows you to create personalised notifications. Define the message categories, notification types and thresholds that you want to monitor, and Mailjet does it for you. And, because you're not always at your desk when problems arise, you can receive alerts via email, SMS or Slack.

Real-Time Monitoring allows you to take charge of your company's most important emails. Apart from notifications, you also have access to a dashboard that provides a complete overview of your transactional dispatches. All you have to do is create your monitoring categories (order confirmations, password resets, etc.), configure and test your notification channels (e-mails, SMS, Slack) and update your transactional scripts.

This year, with Real-Time Monitoring, enjoy peace of mind for the holidays. This function is available with Mailjet Crystal Premium subscriptions and above.

Also, do you want to refine your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet's Ultimate Guide To Holiday Emailing.

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