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Infographic: Rich media in email marketing

Rich media like images, GIF, cinemagraph and video add that special element of surprise to keep subscribers engaged. Discover all you need to know about it.

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Email marketing has evolved from not-so-attractive plain text emails to amazing HTML emails that we all admire today. We wouldn’t say that plain text emails are no longer useful; they have their advantages. But when text is coupled with visuals, the impact is far superior to text alone.

With a smartphone in every hand, more than 50% emails are now viewed on mobile and on the go. We are thus being pushed by the need to create shorter, to-the-point, noteworthy emails.

Rich media like images, GIF, cinemagraph and video add that special element of surprise to keep subscribers engaged with your emails.

Rich media in email marketing: advantages, challenges and opportunities

Rich Media, in the recent times has been fabulously explored by popular brands across industries from ecommerce to IT and media to banking. One of the most common trends observed is that rich media empowers brands (earlier sending a text only email), to:

  • Combine text with some amazing images of your selected products or services.

  • Create a GIF displaying the various design options available in a product.

  • Create a cinemagraph focusing the attention of the subscriber on a certain part so as to highlight the unique selling point.

  • Embed a video of real world implementation of the product/service.

Rich media has numerous advantages but there are also a few challenges marketers need to deal with, one being that of email client support for rich media. EmailMonks’ new interactive infographic throws light on everything one needs to know about Rich Media in Email Marketing. Check it out below.

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This post was written by Kevin, the Head of Marketing at Email Uplers.

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