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Mailjet’s Advent Calendar: Tips to win at email in 2017

At Mailjet, we want you to make 2017 your Email Year, and we’ve got some great content planned to help you. Check out the Email Tips in our Advent Calendar!

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If you’ve ever had an Advent Calendar when you were younger (or still now, pretending to buy it for the kids, but actually stealing all the chocolates…), you’ll know that feeling of waking up every day, ready to open a new door and discover what’s behind it. Well, that’s exactly what we want to make you feel this year.

The Advent Calendar is one of the best things about the holiday season (and the presents, the family dinners, the snow, the Christmas carols… but who’s counting?). There’s something magical in that a-gift-a-day idea that reminds us that surprises are not only valuable because of how much they are worth or how big and shiny the packages are.

So this year at Mailjet, we’d decided to embrace that magical side of the holiday spirit, the one that’s all about sharing a little happiness every day, and not just on Christmas Eve. And although we tried really hard to deliver chocolates to you all (some of you really have to start cleaning your inbox…), we’ve conceded defeat and settled for something that’s (nearly) just as good: email tips. 

Power your 2017 Email Strategy with Mailjet’s Email Tips

We know the New Year is the time for resolutions, clean slates and decision making, and we want to help you apply that to your email strategy too. And we also know that most of us end up forgetting all about them, and going back to our old ways after the first few weeks (like that “Stay Fit In 2016” plan you joined at your local gym and ended up trading for a couple of ?  ?).

We don’t want that to happen to your email. In fact, we want you to make 2017 your Email Year, and we’ve got some great content planned to help you.

But before we launch the 2017 plan, we’d like you to start warming up and reflecting on what you want to accomplish and how you’re going to do it. Starting today, we’ll be sharing with you a tip a day, giving you a piece of the emailing puzzle, Advent-Calendar style, to ensure you master the basics of email before the New Year.

OK, so how can I get all these tips?

Great question.

We know you’re already a follower on Twitter and patiently wait for our tweets to come out, day and night, like them, retweet them, comment on them with friends when you hang out... OK, maybe not to that level. But you’ve probably seen our content and digital marketing tips in our Twitter feed already. Good! That’s where our Mailjet Advent Calendar Tips will be shared daily, starting today. Want a sneak peak of the first one?

You can also track them and join the conversation by looking for the hashtag #MailjetAdventCalendar on Twitter. And if you just want a weekly recap, you can head over to our fantastic Email Marketing Holiday Toolkit page and scroll down. You’ll be able to check out last week’s tweets in the page while you read through some of our great holiday content and listen to our festive Spotify playlist.

Sounds cool, right? Then make sure you don’t miss out. Follow us on Twitter and keep an eye out for your daily email gift. It’s small and it’s sweet: it’s Mailjet’s Advent Calendar. ?

Love it? Want to be a part of it? Like, retweet and share your thoughts and email tips using the hashtag #MailjetAdventCalendar to spread a little love and festive spirit this Christmas!

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