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Spinning the globe: Email engagement habits around the globe

Check out our email habits infographic for insights on how users check their email around the world. Read more...

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How do you check your email? By that, we mean: how often? When? Do you think your habits are the same as other people’s? Other countries? At Pathwire, we were really curious about global users’ email habits, so we decided to do some research on the topic. We surveyed users around the globe about how often they check their emails (once a day, twice a day, etc.), and when they check them (morning, noon, night, all three, etc.)

Then, we broke user habits down by country: United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Germany. So, what did we find?

Taking flight and finding results

The results were included in our 2021 Email Engagement Report and revealed that these countries had some similar email-checking habits – with maybe a few surprises. Among all global respondents, 84.3% of users check their email at least once per day, with most people checking between 2-5 times a day. A full quarter of email respondents (25.4%) check messages at least five times a day… call them email superheroes. 

In the US, UK, France and Spain, over 25% of users check their email more than five times a day. The ratio changes a little bit in Germany. There, a full 28.0% of users check messages only once per day, which is the highest rate of any country surveyed. But what about times for checking mail? Among all global respondents, the highest percentage (42.5%) checked mail in the morning. By country, the US, UK, and Spain were likely to stick to the morning, while France and Germany favored the evening.

Sending to the whole world on one email list? Check out our data on the best time to send email newsletters for the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Email engagement souvenirs to remember

As you can see, there are lots of similarities between countries when it comes to how often and when users check their emails. However, there are enough differences and outliers – Germany, we see you – that make it so that it’s always important for marketers to send their emails based on each country’s individual habits. Want to make sure you’re reaching the inbox at the time each user is most likely to read your message? Try Mailgun by Pathwire’s Send Time Optimization tool to make sure you’re sending at exactly the right time for every one of your users.

Wow, we’re tired from our trip around the world. But it was worth it to get our responses – remember to target your emails according to user trends, and you’ll have a program that’s a global hit.

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