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Hermes working on some code and a Goddess bringing supplies

How to code and create an abandoned cart email

Do you ever think about the one that got away? Picture it: You hooked them with an engaging email campaign. Then they clicked through to your online store. They even added items to their cart. And then? They left you in the dust without completing their purchase...

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Hermes asking for directions

What is the return-path and why do you need to customize it?

Have you ever heard of a return-path? If you haven’t, maybe you are missing one thing that you...

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Hermes dancing on a laptop next to a mug

How to avoid email spam filters

So you're sick and tired of hearing about your beautiful emails landing in spam? We're glad you checked in. If you’re responsible for your organization’s email campaigns, you’re probably constantly thinking about how to avoid spam filters, spam words, and always...

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Hermes is writing next to a laptop

How to plan an effective newsletter strategy

Newsletters are one of the most important parts of email marketing. Not only do they offer ample...

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Hermes in a forest with a laptop.

Fall marketing campaign ideas to welcome the new season

Autumn is the perfect time of the year to fall back into the habit of email marketing after those long, hot, dog days of summer. However, fall isn't just an opportunity to ramp up your marketing activities in time for the peak holiday season. Fall is itself jam-packed with so...

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Hermes hanging from an umbrella while a Goddess paints

How to improve the design of your responsive emails

Did you think responsive email design meant sending emails that guaranteed you’d never be ghosted again? It’s okay if you did. But seriously – responsive emails are specifically-coded emails to look tailor-made to whatever device they’re being read on. When emails...

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Hermes thinking about spam

8 ways to avoid ISP Blocklist

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocklist is probably your worst nightmare. Ending up on the blocklist is like having your domain name and IP address kicked out of the club, dropped from the mail server, and locked behind a firewall. (Plus, they threw away the key.)...

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Smirky god on moped with green and red background

Email throttling: An optimization guide

Have you ever started an email campaign, only to receive error codes time and time again? The doomed “message not sent because of server error”? It may not seem harmful, but...

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Greek goddesses in front of the Supreme Court.

Supporting equitable access to reproductive and family care

SCOTUS’ recent ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade sets the stage for what will inevitably create additional pressure on a health and family care system already lacking the stability...

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Hermes sitting with laptop on a yellow sofa

6 strategies to incorporate user-generated content in your email campaigns

Imagine this: You've been daydreaming about getting a new cardigan since you first listened to Taylor Swift's Folklore, and when you...

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Hermes and Hera next to mobile screen

Creating a strong video marketing strategy

Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to connect to customers online. Especially...

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