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Hermes and a Goddess look at some statistics on a screen

7 little tweaks that’ll improve your email marketing’s conversion rates

We all know email is the best performing marketing channel. Check out these seven tricks to boost your email strategy and increase conversion rates...

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Three Gods celebrate with some drinks

Welcome aboard Mailjet’s next journey with Mailgun

I am pleased to announce that we have been acquired by Mailgun. Together with Mailgun, we...

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Gods in front of colored cubes

How to pipe Mailjet data to a data warehouse and why you should

As the central hub for your team's messages, customers, and apps, Mailjet offers all the benefits of group email management and...

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Hermes is writing on the desk

How to align website personalization with your emailing strategy

At AB Tasty, we’re big believers in the benefits of personalization for marketers - more specifically, of website personalization. Borrowing...

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Hermes pointing on letter, Hera taking notes

How to optimize your event email marketing campaign

For event marketers, email is an integral part of the overall strategy. In fact, studies show that...

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Hermes writing in front of mobile screen

How to use Facebook Messenger chatbots to boost your marketing efforts

Many marketers view chatbots as an alternative to email, with some even proclaiming chatbots as the “death of email.”...

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Hermes paints a Goddess on top of pink and blue

How to improve the design of transactional email templates

Transactional emails are great to convince a user to take a specific action, but if they aren’t awesomely designed, you may miss the chance...

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Hermes delivers a box of letters to Hera

How to use your customer lifecycle to target and automate emails

List segmentation is a fundamental and crucial process that determines the success rate of any email campaign. And personalization takes...

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Gods in costumes

Templating language + MJML: How to code a personalized digest email

Create Emails with Mailjet's, code a personalized and digest email with Passport editor templating...

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Hermes, a Goddess and a rocket over paper

5 email marketing tips to take businesses to the next level

Over the years, email marketing has proved itself a powerful tool for engaging existing customers and generating more business. A recent...

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Hermes and Artemisa paint some tags

Ecommerce email marketing design tips to increase sales

Learn how to boost your ecommerce sales with email marketing. Discover effective design tips that will make a difference in your email marketing campaigns...

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