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Email marketing terms

Stay current and expand your digital marketing knowledge with our list of common email marketing terms.

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Progressive profiling

As the name suggests, progressive profiling is a technique used by companies to gradually build specific consumer profiles based on the products they interact with to create stronger relationships with consumers.

While there are no perfect strategies, some progressive profiling best practices include creating forms with different field options to collect more customer data. However, asking consumers for too many personal details on the first visit can impact the brand’s legitimacy in the consumers’ eyes. That’s why brands should wait for a prospect to revisit the website before asking them for their contact details, leaving the recipient assured that the brand is trustworthy and authentic.

For instance, the first time a recipient visits the website to get an offer, the brand can ask them for their name and email address. The second visit can secure information like contact details, and the third visit can acquire information like an address.