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3 Zapier x Mailjet updates that will save you from the Q4 rush

Implement these Mailjet workflow automation processes now to boost your productivity and team's performance in time for Q4.

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Summer in the office doesn’t have to be boring. Actually, you better start bracing yourselves now, because before you know it…

Exactly. And so is the usual Q4 rush. Exciting period in which, all of a sudden, everything starts happening at the same time. You know what that means: now is the time for preparation.

Give your workflow an automation boost

Here at Mailjet, we use a variety of apps to handle different - yet often related - sides of our business: CRMs, CMS, ESPs … Each of these bring their fair share of value in their own area, but creating workflows that combine their individual strengths together allows us to get a lot more out of them.

This is what that led us to integrate with Zapier. Zapier is an awesome IPaaS tool that lets you automate your workflow by connecting your apps together (Psst. they record over 750 web apps!)... all without having to drop a single line of code (promised). Essentially, the platform allows you to use ‘Triggers’ and ‘Actions’ to create your own scenarios: when this (Trigger) happens, do that (Action).

If you’re new to Zapier and would like to hear more, catch up over here!

To recap, the automation scenarios are endless. But what if we told you that we’ve actually found a way to take endless even further? Ladies and gents, here come our new Mailjet x Zapier Triggers and Actions... and three ways to use them to make your life easier!

1. Synchronize data out of any email event

Trigger: new email event

This trigger lets you automatically transfer your email event data to your other apps.

This means that you can enhance what information you track from your leads by automatically feeding your CRM system with detailed data on how they engage with your campaigns.

Whenever your hot lead shows interest in your email campaigns by opening them and clicking on the associated links, you’ll be able to keep an eye on their behaviour directly in your CRM - and be ready to attack with an tailored strategy!

Here are a few examples of automation scenarios you can create thanks to Mailjet's 'New Email Event' Trigger:

2. Update contact properties across the apps you use

Action: update contact properties

We already made it quite handy for you to automatically add new contacts to your Mailjet lists simply by adding them as new rows in Google Sheets. Now, if you were to organize an event where you collected new details about your leads - you'll want to use this key information. This is where our new Action Zap comes into play: add any extra contact information you’d like on your Google Sheet, and you’ll have that contact information automatically updated in Mailjet. And the more you know… the more automation scenarios you can create! Take tailored communication even further with endless automation scenarios based on any contact property update.

3. Send responsive and personalized emails

Action: send email using a saved Mailjet template

If you’re a Mailjet user, chances are you're already familiar with Passport, the easy-to-use responsive email template editor. If not, give it a try and be prepared to fall in love .

With Mailjet’s latest Zapier ‘Action’, you can automate sending personalized Passport email templates following any trigger. When a new lead is added to your CRM, you might want to let your team know. You can automate sending previously created detailed updates on Passport to your teams including your leads’ contact information, so they can take action fast.

Now, your lead has already subscribed to your newsletter, and due to your brilliant email marketing efforts, just turned into a customer… yay! What better way to celebrate than by sending them a nice tailored welcome email? Good news again: you can now automate sending personalized emails following any defined action using Passport templates.

You get the idea: the possibilities are endless. Use our pre-made Zaps or create your own to connect Mailjet with your favorite apps. Setting up automation scenarios between apps does not only save precious time, it also enables you to leverage these tools' power and boost your teams’ productivity like crazy.

Feedback? Zap suggestions? Share them with us on Twitter and let's go crush Q4!


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