Beatriz Redondo Tejedor

// Head of Content

Throughout December, we’ve been giving you the top tips to get your email strategy off the ground and ready for 2017. We know you’re sad that the series has come to an end, and that you’ve gone back home to overcome the emptiness in your Twitter feed, by surrounding yourself with friends, family, and mulled wine and other seasonal beverages.

After carefully following our tips with the hashtag #MailjetAdventCalendar, some detailed note-taking and thorough study, we believe you’re ready for our final task. The time has come to test yourself and your email marketing strategy and discover whether you’re ready for 2017… or not.

Eager to be top-of-the-class again? Or maybe worried you’re not as straight-As as you thought? Give the quiz a go and find out how much (or how little ?) you still need to work until you become a living email knowledge base.


Is your email strategy ready for 2017?

Can’t wait to share your amazing results? Tweet us using the hashtag #MailjetEmailQuiz, or check out all our Advent Calendar Cards on our Pinterest account and retake the quiz to get the results you really deserve! ?