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Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is a great day for your business to showcase your pot of green and lead your customers to your pot of gold.

Hermes is running in front of a field of clovers



Every year on March 17th, thousands of people take to the streets donned in their finest green outfits to enjoy drinks, parades and corn beef and cabbage. In case you didn’t know, Saint Patrick's Day is a holiday in commemoration of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

It’s believed that Patrick was born in the 4th century AD and rose to prominence due to his religious teachings using the three-leafed shamrock.

For businesses here in the U.S., Saint Patrick’s Day is a great time to show your green and showcase your pot of gold to potential customers.

Here’s a few ways you can spruce up your marketing to tap into your LUCK of the Irish.

Change your social media profile pics

A fun filled green profile picture or background will have your profile looking like festive.

Make them fun, green, and shamrock-y to show your love for the holiday and to ignite the same good spirit in your followers!

Use your email newsletter to spread your gold

Your email newsletter is gold and your customers are expecting value and a good deal on this joyous day. Take advantage of this additional attention.

St. Patrick’s Day contest

Social media is a great place to not only post St. Patrick’s Day facts but you can turn this into a contest. Run a one-day only contest with the winner receiving a nice Shamrock...or maybe your best selling product.

Let us know on Twitter what ideas you believe will bring your business some luck on St. Patrick’s Day.

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