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Mylène Blin

Mylène Blin was the French Marketing Manager at Sinch Mailjet. She's a creative and passionate marketer with a wealth of experience in B2B SaaS. She writes about email marketing strategies to help French senders take their email communications to the next level.

Latest stories by Mylène Blin

Hermes and Hera in front of the mailboxes

Opt-in is for life, not just for Christmas

The Holiday season is the time to grow your email lists. Email opt-in is the key to do it right -follow our tips to convert your contacts for life...

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Hermes and a Goddess sort out figures in front of a wall being painted

How to reactivate your contact list after the summer

Wait – what just happened? Just a few days ago, we were lying on the beach, perfecting our suntan and obsessively checking the time to ensure...

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Hermes and a Goddess paint a wall with brushes

Content engagement: Finding your inner email voice

It’s summertime, and you might be spending it away from civilization, doing yoga in a remote ashram in Southern Sri Lanka and trying to...

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Hermes getting scanned

Privacy shield: A new episode in the “email marketing & EU data protection” series

Safe Harbour and its new version Privacy Shield are again making the headlines...

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Gods looking at tablet with graphs in dude's hands

Infographic: How to maintain customer engagement over the summer

It’s that time of the year again: offices are emptier than a hermit’s address book, while beaches...

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Gods with paintbrush and colored pencils

How to use email for your brand storytelling

Really powerful marketing ideas are all born from simple psychological principles...

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Hermes and a Goddess are watching a birthday cake in a screen

Infographic: Strengthen your customer relationship with email automation

Over the years, we have seen email go from a way to send family members pictures to a way for businesses to increase their sales and...

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