7 unique ways Instagram and email marketing work together

Want to know how you can use Instagram in your email marketing? Check out our unique tips, as well as a few examples. Read more...

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When it comes to marketing, email is perceived as an old-school marketing tactic while Instagram is seen as the new kid on the block. When creating a marketing campaign, however, email and Instagram can work together in a harmonious way that utilizes each of their unique advantages.

With more than 1 billion users worldwide, Instagram is the platform to use for your brand to reach an innumerable amount of eyeballs. Meanwhile, email has grown into an important marketing channel to build intimate relationships with customers, send targeted messages, and capture customer conversions. Oberlo reports that email delivers a 4200% return on investment in your email marketing campaign.

Check out seven tried-and-tested ways Instagram and email marketing can work together.

Encourage your Instagram followers to subscribe to your emails

Encourage your Instagram followers to subscribe to your emails by highlighting the benefits they will receive such as valuable content, exclusive deals, and discounts.

The GIST (@gistusa) highlights their newsletter on their Instagram bio

One way to do this is to communicate the main value they will get from your emails in your Instagram bio and include a custom URL to your sign up form.

Bali Body uses the Instagram Story swipe-up feature to direct their followers to a sign-up page

Over 500 million users check Instagram Stories daily, so it’s a strategic move to promote sign-ups over a fun yet informative video. Use the swipe up feature on Instagram Stories to direct viewers to an optimized landing page with a lead capture form. It’s truly a piece of cake.

Show off your Instagram profile in your emails

Email marketing can increase engagement and followership on Instagram by informing subscribers about your brand’s active social community. A simple method is to add social media buttons in your email. One study shows that emails with social media buttons have more than 150% higher clickthrough rate than emails without buttons.

Bon Appetit (@bonappetit) uses the Instagram icons and a call to action to drive email subscribers to their Instagram page

Sync email and Instagram campaign calendars

Your team may have an email marketing calendar, but does it sync with your Instagram content? More often than not, different teams end up doing the same work because they aren’t aware that another team is doing the same thing. For example, your social media team may have a comprehensive summer campaign calendar in place that could be used by your email marketing team. Alternatively, you may have email artwork that would work great on social media. So, how do you bring these teams together?

Integrating calendars for your Instagram and email campaigns can help your teams avoid redundant work, keep everyone on the same page, and know when the campaign starts and when it ends. Tailwind, an Instagram scheduler and analytics tool, can help you figure out the best time to post for maximum engagement.

Instasize can be used to resize photos to fit both Instagram and email marketing

Use a tool like Instasize to create artwork that can work for both Instagram and emails. Instasize is an comprehensive photo-editing app where you can edit colors, add filters and resize images to suit any platform.

Encourage users to share user-generated content to use in your emails

83% of consumers say that they seek social proof to make them more likely to purchase a product or service. Social proof like user testimonials and reviews boost consumers’ confidence and build trust in your product online when they don’t have the chance to interact with your product in-person.

Encourage users to share user-generated content (or UGC for short) on Instagram by running a contest, offering rewards, or hosting a giveaway. Make the mechanics as simple as possible to attract more participants.

Me Undies (@meundies) uses Instagram content on their email campaigns

Make sure to share the UGC in your emails to create more engaging and memorable content. Social proof like UGC signals to customers that many others use and trust your product so they should too.

Invite email subscribers to join a brand ambassador program

Invite your loyal email subscribers to become brand ambassadors who promote your products and services to their followers and micro-communities online. Your email subscribers make for ideal brand ambassadors because they are already connected to your brand and can be honest advocates.

Bright Swimwear (@brightswimwear) brand ambassador Ronito (@xronita) promoted her Bright Swimwear promotion code on her Instagram bio and regularly posts self-made content on her page

Offer your brand ambassadors exclusive discounts, freebies, and access to your brand in exchange for posts on Instagram. You’ll not only reach their online network, but you’ll also get more user-generated content to build trust around your brand. With 93% of online consumers using discount codes, provide each ambassador with a unique promo code for their followers to use in order to drive conversions on your website. You’ll also be able to track which brand ambassador is providing a good return on investment.

You can easily create a brand ambassador program with marketing platforms like Zyper or CrewFire.

Add your live Instagram feed to your email content

Urban Outfitters (@urbanoutfitters) inserts their Instagram feed to their emails for eye-popping content

For a unique and interactive email campaign, add your live Instagram feed to your email content. You can do this by including an Instagram RSS feed to your email template. This not only informs your subscribers of what is trending about your brand, but it also allows them to see a different, more casual side of your brand which will potentially result in a follow. And that’s a win for you.

Organize an Instagram giveaway to build your email list

Your followers will be more willing to give their contact information in exchange for a handsome reward, like a prize or gift. Host a giveaway on Instagram and make subscribing to your emails a requirement.

Artisan Talent (@artisantalent) runs an Instagram contest with a branded hashtag to collect user-generated content

An easy and effective way to do this is to follow the contest requirements below:

1. Subscribe to newsletters 2. Post a relevant photo about the product on Instagram using the hashtag #YourBrand 3. The contest period is from the start date to the end date 4. Your Instagram account should be public during the contest period

Promote the giveaway to your email subscribers so they can join. This way, you don’t just drive your Instagram followers deeper into the sales funnel, but you also amplify your brand to your subscriber’s Instagram communities.

The branded hashtag helps your brand trend and strengthens your online community by making your content more discoverable. Naturally, your Instagram followers will begin to use your branded hashtag to interact with your brand. Imagine thousands using #YourBrand on Instagram every week.

Wrapping up

Before implementing your Instagram and email campaign, come up with a strategy first. Pinpoint your goal, whether to increase your email subscribers or promote a seasonal sale, and see where Instagram and email can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Rest assured, when Instagram and email work together you not only foster a more engaged community of customers but achieve more reach and conversions for your brand. Remember: teamwork makes the dream work.

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