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Why email marketers need to be tech-savvy

What’s one of the of the biggest setbacks for email marketers? Technology.

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What’s one of the of the biggest setbacks for email marketers? Technology. Looking to address this problem, Anthony Marnell, VP of North America, recently shared his thoughts with TechRadar Pro on the top 5 Tech Tips Every Email Marketer Should Know. We’ve highlighted our two favorite points below, to read more, hop on over to his feature here.

Start a relationship with a geek

Too often, marketers have bold plans for their email campaign, without first establishing whether their ideas are even achievable; they can spend weeks crafting ambitious plans that can’t even get off the starting line.

I know of one big brand whose agency hatched a grandiose campaign, without first realizing that the brand’s CRM didn’t even hold relevant customer data - resulting in three months of additional development time. Embedding your tech team early in your creative briefings will help establish what’s possible from the get-go, avoiding needless delay, cost and disappointment.

Segmentation is a powerful beast - but it needs feeding

Segments are not just for Trivial Pursuit boards - they are also a great way to reach different users with different messages. Imagine targeting a segment of females in their 30s in California who have made two prior purchases - this ability could drastically change the offers or news you emailed them.

But this kind of targeting needs hard work - if you haven’t first turned customer behavior into many database indicators, you don’t have the raw materials from which to build a segment. Start today by seeking opportunities to capture or generate these indicators from customer actions and characteristics that might seem mundane today - but which could begold tomorrow.

What other tips or advice do you give marketers when they look to you for email campaign help?

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