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Don't fret if some users haven't responded to your holiday campaigns thus far. Follow these steps to re-engage these customers with a "just for you" email.

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The holiday inbox can be a pretty competitive space. Don't fret if there are customers that still haven't responded to your campaigns after the past few weeks. The good news is, this is helpful insight knowing that this group of customers has different needs or interests. Here are three steps to re-engaging these customers with a "just for you" email.

Why are you on their naughty list?

You need to send the right re-engagement series to the right people at the right time. To tailor your campaign to the individual, you need to look at your metrics and ask yourself what this tells you about your customers. What did they sign up for? How are you not meeting their expectations?

If your open rates are low, maybe your subject lines are too clichéd or impersonal. If your customer hasn’t signed up for a paid account after a free trial period, or abandoned their shopping cart, it’s likely that they simply can’t afford your product. Maybe for those subscribers not clicking through, the content is not tailored to their specific needs and interests. Once you’ve figured out what the problem is, you can then address it accordingly.

Myrrh, frankincense or gold?

Show your subscriber that you understand them and appreciate them as an individual. Offer them a gift based on what they're motivated by. For example, if they did abandon a product subscription or their shopping cart, entice them with an extended free trial period, a discount or a promotion on similar, less expensive items. Say thanks for their past interest or purchases, and personalize the email by using their first name, like this email from Proflowers:

Whatever the gift, intrigue always helps. Build up anticipation with a drip campaign - ‘Just 2 more days until your free gift arrives…’ and use your subject line to pique their interest. We all like to guess what our presents are before unwrapping them. Seduce your subscribers with a subject line which gives them enough information to entice them but not enough to ruin the surprise.

Warm their hearts to bring your email in from the cold

The ultimate purpose of the ‘Just for You’ campaign is to re-forge the connection you once had with the subscriber. Play on their emotions but, remember, ‘tis the season to be jolly, so make sure the overall tone is light-hearted, for example with an ‘Are we breaking up?’ subject line. This email from Urban Outfitters reminds the customer that they’re appreciated in a playful, positive tone.

Sometimes a re-engagement campaign doesn’t work for everyone. Maybe a subscriber has changed their email address or no longer needs your product. Give them the option to unsubscribe for good - everyone will be happier in the long-term and your sender reputation will thank you for it.

On the flip side, anyone who’s risked the horror of waiting until Christmas Eve to go gift shopping knows that sometimes you can get what you want at the last-minute as long as you have a good strategy. Use these tips to implement a ‘Just for You’ campaign. Optimize your unsubscribe landing page so your subscriber finds it hard to say goodbye. It’s never too late to give up hope - use these tips to win back your customers in time for a very Merry Christmas.

Want to define your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet's Ultimate Guide To Holiday Emailing.

Which re-engagement techniques have you put to the test? What have you learned from past campaigns? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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