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Email best practices

Grow your email list with website pop-ups

Building your email list is a valuable way to optimize on your web traffic. So take a look at these pop-up ideas designed to grow your list.

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You’ve probably already heard this: An engaged email list is a business asset that paves the way for better customer retention. Building your email list is a valuable investment for sustainability, and costs five times less than attracting new customers.

But how do you capture those visitors and turn them into email subscribers? Well, email pop-ups are a great way to do just that.

In this post, we’ll cover the best email pop-up ideas you can start implementing today to grow your email list. You don’t have to try all of these pop-ups to succeed, so take a look and choose the option that best fits your brand.

Eye-catching gamified pop-ups

Gamified pop-ups are some of the most fun and exciting website pop-ups you can integrate to double your conversion rate. This is because these pop-ups appeal to virtually any age group.

Most people love competition or getting rewards. If you place your gamified pop-ups correctly, you can increase your brand engagement easily. There are many benefits to using gamified pop-ups on your website: they improve sales, boost engagement, and can be tailored to different age groups.

But these gamified pop-ups can also help grow your email list. You’ll just need to add an email field and request users’ addresses so they can claim their prize or access exclusive offers. Remember, though, that you’ll need to clearly state what you’ll use their email address for and ask for consent if you want to send them marketing messages.

Who doesn’t enjoy spinning the wheel of fortune?

 You can choose from several different gamified pop-up types, like “pick-a-gift” pop-ups, “spin the wheel” pop-ups, or even scratch cards. All you need to do is choose the right one for your website, go for a color palette that fits your brand, and let it do its magic!

Use a pop-up builder to create your pop-ups if you have no idea of how to start. These builders come with a lot of customizable options that you can use to your advantage.

Last chance exit-intent pop-ups

Exit-intent pop-ups are a bit simpler than gamified pop-ups, but they’re also highly efficient for boosting conversion rates for your brand. What sets this pop-up apart from the rest is the exit-intent technology that helps track your visitors’ mouse movements.

Once the technology detects the visitor is close to leaving the site without buying anything, that is when the pop-up actually…pops up, allowing you to capture leads or reduce cart abandonment rates.

Exit-intent technology can boost conversion rates.

Pop-ups can catch a website visitor off guard and force them to make a choice, whether that’s interacting with it or closing it. These pop-ups can be a bit invasive, though, so be smart about them if you don’t want the user to get annoyed.

Consider adding exit-intent pop-ups to your blog, landing pages, or online eCommerce stores. You can use them to encourage newsletter signups after reading some of your content or to promote the exclusive offers you send to your email subscribers. Go for irresistible deals, choose attractive images and colors, and clearly state the value the user will get by signing up to your email list.

Tempting yet subtle pop-up teasers

Pop-up teasers are a new addition to the “pop-up world,” and they have proven to be a small but significant change for these marketing tools.

You can look at these teasers as a pop-up of a pop-up. When a visitor is checking your website out, you can place a small-sized pop-up on the corner, with a short but engaging phrase that invites the user to click on it – like “Click here,” “Here’s a gift for you,” or “Click here for a surprise.”

Once the user clicks on your teaser, the real pop-up will appear with the rest of the information. This can be a coupon, free shipping discounts, and other ideas you find appropriate for your website in exchange for their email address.

These pop-up teasers do a great job on particular dates, such as Valentine’s Day, and can help reduce cart abandonment, boost sales and conversion rates, and grow your email list. You can offer a sneak peek of what your potential subscribers can get if they sign up to your newsletter and include a small email field on the pop-up to make the process simpler.

Make sure not to obstruct your users’ views with pop-up teasers, though. Place them on the corner of your website and use a catchy CTA so that users feel attracted to it and click through to view the full pop-up.

These teasers may be a bit harder to design since they are basically two pop-ups in one, but you can use templates from a pop-up builder to get started.

Top or bottom sign-up bars

Top and bottom bars aren’t necessarily pop-ups, but they work in a similar way. As their name implies, these are bars that show up at either the top or the bottom of your website. You can make them appear at any moment or make them disappear at a particular point. For example, they could turn up when the visitor arrives and evaporate after a few minutes.

Website bars can display offers and sign-up forms in a small space.

Top or bottom bars are better for those who don’t want to overwhelm users when showing offers to customers. These bars are much more subtle than any other pop-up idea on this list.

The only downside to top or bottom bars is that the amount of information you can place is limited. You don’t have that much space, so make sure to include a concise call-to-action (CTA)so that visitors understand your message right away.

To grow your email list, you could include a small email form so that users can stay up to date on your latest offers or offer a discount code to the person that subscribes to your email list.

Top or bottom bars are a subtle form of data capture. 

Entertaining video pop-ups

Videos are one of the most frequently consumed media types online. According to a study made by Cisco, by the end 2022, online videos will make up at least 82% of online internet traffic, which is 15 times higher than the numbers researchers found in 2017.

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that it’s an excellent idea to start including video pop-ups on your website. The best thing about these pop-ups is that you’re free to include them in any way you want – choosing from different sizes, platforms, and other features.

Video pop-ups utilize the most consumed media on the internet.

Make sure you include videos that are relevant to what you’re promoting. The more attractive the video, the higher the chances are of getting a new subscriber on your email list. If the video you added talks about the content, technical tutorial, or a course you’re promoting, you can add an email field so they can receive the full piece and many other related email newsletters you’re going to send.

A great way to know what to include in your pop-up is to take a look at recent video trends. That way, users are more likely to engage with the content.

Integrate Poptin pop-ups with Mailjet

Want to use pop-ups to grow your email list? If you’re not sure where to start, check out a platform like Poptin. Poptin allows you to create website pop-ups and contact forms through easy-to-customize templates and drag-and-drop builders in minutes.

What makes Poptin a better fit is it has an active integration with Mailjet, so you can directly track how your pop-ups are performing in relation to your email marketing strategy once you place them on your website.

If you want to know how to quickly set up the integration, visit Poptin’s Help Guide.

Pop-ups are a great way to grow your email list, but building an email database is only the first step. Keeping subscribers engaged and maintaining a healthy email list comes down to your content. Make sure you ask for consent and email people who want to hear from you.

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