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3 ways you can re-engage your customers through email content

Learn how to re-engage customers through email marketing with these tips and great examples.

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The first few months of the year are usually considered a bit of a depressing time. It’s dark, cold and gloomy outside, and most of us would rather just stay indoors until Spring arrives.

For email marketers, it can be challenging to find the right approach for kicking off the new year and achieving great results. Especially if your customers are suffering from a severe case of the January blues.

But fear not! We’re here to help you kick start the year and send email campaigns that will get your customers out of their slump.

Here are three things that you can use for your email content to re-engage your customers and get them through the chilly winter months:

1. Motivate your customers

Many of us start off the new year with new years resolutions: we want to shed a few pounds, stop smoking, read more, generally change our bad habits and improve ourselves. And you can leverage this focus on positive change through your email content.

Focus on content that motivates your customers and encourages them to take action to make a change. And show how customers can use your product or service to accomplish this change.

Remind customers of a particular feature or value that you offer that can help them make changes. Or share new and creative ways they can use your service.

The key goal here is to show how your product or service can play an essential part of their journey. By doing so, you’ll motivate your customers in showing how you can support them in the new year.




The emails above from Fitbit and IFTTT are great examples of motivational content that show how their services can play an active part in helping customers make changes in their lifestyles.

2. Remind customers of their achievements with data

User data helps you understand how your customers behave and interact with your product or service. And it can be a great source to power-up your content to personalize and make it relevant for your customers.

The recap email presents customers with personal data based on how they have used your product or service. Similar to an infographic, it summarizes interesting or important facts in a visually appealing way.

The purpose here is to give readers a quick overview of their data to remind them of their past behavior and encourage them to keep coming back to you for more.



The example above from Opentable summarizes the activity of the past year in a short and stylish way. Users are reminded of their restaurant visits and encouraged to keep using the app for more experiences in the coming year.

3. Show a little gratitude

The start of a new year is a great time to look back at the past year and reflect on what you have accomplished, what you have learned and what’s still left to do in the new year.

Use this in your email by thanking your customers or users for a great year. The content of this kind of email can range from sending a simple “thank you” to your customers to highlight the news and events that stood out in the past year.

The purpose here is to bring out accomplishments from the past year as a reminder to your users of the value that you bring them. And with this reminder, they’ll be encouraged to keep coming back to you throughout the new year.



ello makes use of this in their email above. Following the launch of their social network in 2014, ello uses this email to reflect on their accomplishments and thank their users for being part of the journey.

What other ways have you found that help with reengagement?

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