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Open source survey: We’d love to hear fom you

At Mailjet we relish the opportunity to give something back to the developer community. Help us better understand your views on open source working.

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At Mailjet we’re all about giving back to the community. That's why we created MJML**, our open-source email coding framework**. MJML's objective is to make responsive email development accessible to the majority of people, experts or not. It takes care of translating the MJML you wrote into responsive HTML, rendering beautifully in the most popular email clients. Plus, our markup is at least 50% more efficient in creating responsive email.

Today, open source is integrated into all levels of enterprise businesses. Not only are the opportunities for the cloud and big data endless, but so are the possibilities for the IoT, SaaS, etc. It's no surprise big players like Tesla, GE and Netflix are getting into open source, but smaller players are getting involved too, we certainly are and Algolia is as well.

We relish the opportunity to give something back to the community, but in order to give you the tools you need, we need to understand what is important to you. So, we’ve created a short survey, to better understand your views on open source working. Help us shout about the innovative ways we (the developer community) approach our work by completing the survey and get the chance to win some awesome MJML swag and a 50€ Amazon gift card.

Before we ask for your opinion, let’s dig a bit deeper into our views on open source:

A contribution recognized by the community

For a company to be able to give back to the developer community in the form of an open source project is seen as a significant contribution. It shows a sign of maturity. The developer community is all about support and engagement, where open source equals long-term commitment, offering gravitas to a team in the tech world.

But, it’s important to understand the responsibility of such a commitment. It is not a decision to take lightly, you have to have a team that’s 100% dedicated. They must be fully onboard with the project and aware that it’s very much for the long haul. Open source is for life, not just for Christmas! Ok, well maybe not for life, but it's certainly a long term commitment. Additionally, the developer community is a small world, a very versatile one at that, so don’t take on a project you’re not ready for.

Added value for employers

IT departments: get feedback directly from the users, enabling developers to improve the product in an approach that’s customer centric. Software is international, so even if your organization isn’t physically global, open source can give you an international aspect. And by doing this, it can potentially open your business up to new markets that might have been closed for your company without open source

Best places to work

Organizations with open source projects are seen as innovative and transparent, often with a reputation of showcasing their ecosystems to the community. These type of companies are very attractive to the best developers - think of it as a great word of mouth. Developers see these organizations as a community where the whole team is involved in shaping the future of that industry.

You’ve heard our views, so now, we’d love to hear yours! Tell us how you approach open source working by completing the survey, and enter into a draw to win some awesome MJML swag and a 50€ Amazon gift card. If you’d like to join the Mailjet open source conversation, tweet us @mailjetdev with the #opensource.

Take the survey!

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