Mailjet is landing at the API Strat Conference!

Mailjet will land in Chicago for API Strategy Conference, where API providers and developers will discuss latest API trends and best practices.

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In just a few weeks (9/24 - 9/26), Mailjet will land in Chicago for the API Strategy Conference.  API providers and developers will come together all under one roof to discuss and learn about latest API trends, best practices… pretty much anything in the world of API!

API Strategy Conference will also be holding their inaugural ‘Developer Track’, with breakout talks allowing attendees to meet API providers and learn more about the potential of APIs. Topics range from exploring the best APIs to use for different purposes to best practices when developing apps that incorporate APIs. I’m excited to be one of the featured speakers on this track! Drop in to hear how parsing incoming emails can positively affect your business.

Haven’t bought your tickets yet? In celebration of the first Developer Track, we’ll also be offering a discount code towards API Strat Conference tickets! Email if you’d like to receive the discount!

I’m very excited to hit the “Windy City”. Hope to see some of you out there!

Tyler Nappy Developer Evangelist

API Strategy & Practice Conference (APIStrat) offers a unique program of keynotes, panels and themed sessions to provide insights into the potential of APIs, best practices, and how to craft a successful API strategy. The inclusive, community-supported conference series focuses on what works for API creators and consumers alike by bringing industry leaders together in one forum.

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