Happy SysAdmin day!

SysAdmin Day, a day dedicated to celebrating and appreciating the hard work of your SysAdmins. Be sure to thank them!

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It’s the last Friday of July; for most of the world, a day like any other. But in the tech world, it’s  SysAdmin Day, a day dedicated to celebrating and appreciating the hard work of your SysAdmins (awesome guys and gals who manage your servers).

At Mailjet, we love SysAdmins (one of our very own founders is a SysAdmin afterall). We love them so much that most of our services have been developed with the mission to make their lives easier. With our tracking tools, safety processes and optimized deliverability, SysAdmins don’t have to worry anymore about whether their emails are landing in the inbox.

In an increasingly technology dependent world, SysAdmins are more important than ever. Software products and devices may evolve but you will always need an administrator to monitor essential information systems and processes.

During this international holiday, remember to show your SysAdmins some love! Find time to leave your desk and thank your SysAdmin. Hey, maybe even offer him or her a drink!  After all, not only do they make sure that your computer and communications are running properly; they also know which the websites you’re visiting. And you want to keep a person with that kind of power happy. So cheers, SysAdmins of the world, keep up the good work!

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