Get ready for easier unsubscribe on iOS 10

iOS 10 will use the List-Unsubscribe header to ease the unsubscribe process, by including an unsubscribe button at the begging of each email.

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August is the perfect month to prepare for Back to School and sharpen your marketing efforts for the busy time ahead, that period that starts with us being all blue about going back to work and leads us all the way through to the Holiday season. Getting creative about our new campaigns is one of those things that needs to be done at this point in the year, but that’s not it.

It’s also the perfect time to catch-up with upcoming changes that are going to take place in the inbox, and this year we bring you one that will change the way our contacts engage with our email campaigns.

List-Unsubscribe, an alternative to opt-out

No one wants to let subscribers go, especially after putting in some hard work to get them to sign up to you contact list. However, sometimes parting ways is the lesser of two evils. Making it hard for people to unsubscribe might lead to some unwelcome spam complains.

By law, it is mandatory to include in the body of your emails an unsubscribe link to let recipients opt-out of your communications. But there’s more to an email than just the body. A lot of information is carried away in the header part of message, which helps the email reach the inbox and be displayed in the most efficient way to the email client.

List-Unsubscribe is a header option that is automatically added to every marketing email sent by Mailjet. If the recipient’s email client supports it, it provides a button to effortlessly opt-out of a mailing list.

Several email clients support List-Unsubscribe

Major mailbox service providers support List-Unsubscribe by providing their users the ability to opt-out from emails in just one click, without having to read the message to find the unsubscribe link. Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail have all joined the List-Unsubscribe club.

list unsubscribe ios10

In addition to the basic unsubscribe behavior, Gmail added some sophistication on top of that. For instance, when a contact tries to report a legitimate mass-email as spam, it suggests you first unsubscribe from the list before reporting the email as spam. Sounds better, doesn’t it?

list unsubscribe ios10

Mail in iOS 10 will support List-Unsubscribe

The upcoming in iOS 10 will be released on iPhone and iPad this fall and it brings a major change for every email marketer. It will now use the List-Unsubscribe header to recognize whether the email was sent to a list and offer people the possibility to easily unsubscribe from your email list.

What does it change for you as an email sender? If you are reading this blog on a regular basis, chances are that it won’t impact you a lot. If you are not carefully following email marketing best practices, it’s time to review your email marketing strategy to avoid a peak in your unsubscribe rate when users massively adopt iOS 10 on their iPhone or tablet.

Tell us about your unsubscribe horror stories or how you plan to address the latest change in the inbox by tweeting us @Mailjet using the #MailjetUnsubscribe.

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