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Infographic: The journey of your emails this Christmas

Ever wondered how your Christmas campaigns make it to the inbox? Find out in our infographic.

god and goddess holding a christmas tree



There are many mysteries out there around Christmas. How does Santa Claus know where every child lives without using Google Maps? How is he able to get down every chimney without being on a full-time diet? And, most importantly, why does he insist on wearing the same old red coat every single year? We’d love to be able to really know what Santa’s up to right now, but not even NORAD and Google can help with this just yet.

So we’ve given up on traditional Christmas mysteries for now and we’ve decided to focus on what we’re best at: email. Ever wondered how your Christmas campaigns make it to the inbox? We have, and to fully understand the journey of your emails through the Internet is one of those mysteries we really want to uncover.

We’ve already talked about this before, but we know the power of an image. So, get a glass of mulled wine, grab your favourite Christmas cookies and enjoy what is probably our merriest infographic ever.

Did you know all about the journey of your emails through the Internet already? Have you got any other questions? Tweet us your thoughts using the hashtag #MailjetDelivers.

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