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Hermes and Hera writing a letter

The definitive guide to A/B tests in your email marketing

We spend a lot of time on this blog discussing how you can optimize your email campaigns for your...

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Hermes drawing arrow in front of envelope

Must-have lifecycle email campaigns for the sport industry

Email marketing is becoming more and more important across all industries due to increasing digitalization and the change of customer behavior...

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Hermes and Hera writing a letter

How to test your email campaigns for different KPIs

In our almighty A/B Testing Beginner’s Guide for Email Marketing, we told you that knowing...

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god and goddess holding a christmas tree

Infographic: The journey of your emails this Christmas

There are many mysteries out there around Christmas. How does Santa Claus know where...

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Hermes is writing on the desk

Email blogging: The new holy grail of digital marketing?

Blogging and email marketing are two of the most effective digital marketing strategies. So, why not get the best out of both worlds with Email Blogging?

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