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Mailjet Monday: Loëck Vézien

This week, we sat down to chat with Loëck Vézien, Front-end Developer at Mailjet. Loeck talked about the recent launch of Passport.

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Happy Monday! This week, we sat down to chat with Loëck Vézien, Front-end Developer at Mailjet. Loeck talked about the recent launch of Passport and the story behind the new tool.

What do you do for Mailjet?

I joined Mailjet a little over a year ago as a front-end developer. That means I have the awesome job of developing the part of the website users see when they are connected to their Mailjet account. That includes everything from the dashboard to campaign monitoring to Passport.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I mostly work on Passport exclusively now. When I come in in the morning, I first check on the performance of Passport from the night before and sort through tickets for areas to troubleshoot or improve on. This is extremely helpful to review as I start to integrate new features and graphic design elements in Passport.

What were the goals in building Passport?

The main goal for us was to build a tool that makes creating email even easier and more responsive. To offer something different from what is already in the industry today.

To do this, we chose to build Passport off of the fresh new Javascript library, ReactJS. ReactJS allows for quicker user experience and you can tell how your component will render by just looking at one source file.

How is Passport unique?

Passport is built with user-experience in mind. It’s the tool for everyone, regardless of design or coding experience. Passport offers both a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor and an advanced HTML editor that displays a real-time preview of your code.

It’s also the only template builder of its kind built on ReactJS. This means Passport can evolve and be iterated on fairly easily. Since ReactJS makes it easy to see how your UI (user interface) is updated, it’s simple for us to listen to user feedback and implement changes accordingly.

What's to come for Passport?

We’re working hard on building Passport into a go-to tool for all industries to easily build email. We’re also continuing to collect user feedback on a regular basis and will iterate and build out the template library accordingly.

Head over here to check out Passport and try it out today.

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