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Mailjet Monday: Amir Jirbandey

This Monday, we sat down to chat with Amir Jirbandey, Inbound Marketing Lead in the UK. Amir shares upcoming projects and a tip on bubble football.

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This Monday, we sat down to chat with Amir Jirbandey, our Inbound Marketing Lead in the UK. Amir shares some upcoming projects, his favorite coffee and even a tip on bubble football.g

1) What do you do for Mailjet?

I’m the Inbound Marketing Lead for Mailjet in UK. As part of the Inbound Marketing team, our mission is to extend our brand reach and invite users to engage with our content and Mailjet’s platform through organic, fun and friendly ways. This ranges from a variety of creative projects from infographics to hosting ‘Growth Hack’ sessions to running educational webinars and creating partnerships with other ecosystems such as co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators up and down the UK. I’m on a mission to help companies send better email!

2) What does a typical day look like for you?

Before all else, there’s the coffee. At the moment I’m drinking Irmas Pereira roasted by Pact. After that I get on with sorting through our Mention dashboard to see any new social posts or websites where people are talking about Mailjet. After responding to a few emails and users getting in touch with us through Twitter and Facebook, I crack on with a few content creation projects I’m working on. Right now that includes the content for our upcoming webinar and a few more secretive projects, which will be due out during this summer.

Most days includes a series of online meetings with some of our Growthpack partners where we discuss current collaborations, calls with some of our ecosystem partners in London and new users who ask for assistance when integrating their products with Mailjet.

3) Favorite Mailjet moment?

There’s definitely a few, including beating the Dev and Marketing team in poker and going laser tagging with the Paris team for Christmas ’14. The winner I think might have to be the surprise bubble football match we had as part of our first marketing summit in January this year.The key to winning bubble football is to stay low to the ground. Keeping in the startup mentality we tend to work quite hard, with regular 6 or 7 day weeks. So when we get a chance, we play hard as well (till someone gets hurt like I did during bubble football)!

4) Your top 3 go-to tools for working with an international/partly remote team?

Slack has been one of the main tools we use internally for instant chat and collaboration on specific projects. Buffer has been a great tool to share social media tasks between our multiple channels and also track everyone’s progress through statistics to see what’s worked for us, where and why. The number one spot goes to Google Apps for Work. From Hangouts to being able to share Google Docs and Spreadsheets, collaborating on each document, tracking changes every person makes and having it available all times in the cloud has really helped us to work efficiently and share seamlessly across the countries.

5) Where do you see email marketing going in the next few years?

The face of email is changing. This is mainly driven by how as users, we consume information. With the rise of mobile and social, lack of time to spend going through inbox and new innovations such as Gmail’s Promotions and Updates tabs, email is becoming more intelligent to stay ahead of the game. We see more and more small and medium size companies adapting methods used by larger organisations when it comes to their marketing emails. This includes more segmentation of contact lists, based on user preferences and information. More personalisation to engage the customer and stand out from competition and more use of reporting and analytics tools to optimise future email campaigns.

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