William Conway

CEO at Mailgun, Mailjet, and Email on Acid by Sinch

Latest stories by William Conway

Three Gods celebrate with some drinks

Mailjet joins Sinch: the future of customer communications is here

Today marks a special day in the life of Mailjet. Back in September, we announced we had entered an agreement to be acquired by...

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3 gods celebrating with blue cupcakes

Sinch to Acquire Mailjet, creating a best-of-breed cloud communications platform

At Pathwire, our mission has always been to solve the hard problems behind communications, and we’ve always strived...

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Gods making announcement in front of the air balloons

Welcoming Email on Acid to the Pathwire family

At Pathwire, we believe in the power of connection, and our aim has always been to empower users to take back control of the way they...

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3 gods celebrating with pink doughnuts

Say hello to Pathwire

The day has finally come! Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Pathwire, our new parent brand, and...

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