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The Sinch Mailjet team

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Latest stories by The Sinch Mailjet team

Hermes in front of the Christmas tree

Segmenting your naughty list: If Santa Claus were an email marketer

The key to a successful email campaign is your contact list. But don’t just settle for one...

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Three superhero Gods in front of a blue background with confetti

From the Front & Bologna

From the Front is an Italian front-end conference. This year welcomed about 400 attendees at the Teatro Duse...

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Hermes draws an arrow amongst air balloons

Setting goals that will drive your email campaign through the roof

The holiday season is just around the corner and that means it’s time to gear up and get your email marketing campaigns ready for the...

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Hermes and Hera working with duct tape

Soho House x 3beards hackathon: My climb for the silver

Soho House joined up with 3beards to put on a bougie hackathon this past weekend. I had the honor of being invited to...

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Hermes reading to rubber duck

Wrapping up a month of APIs: API Strat & Practice

I just wrapped up an API heavy month, with our last stop in Chicago where we sponsored the API Strategy & Practice...

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Gods in costumes

Techbikers: Riding towards world literacy

Almost 70 tech enthusiasts met up to journey to Paris for 'Techbikers 2014', an annual mixed ability ride raising...

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Hermes and Hera with paper airplane

Power-up your transactional emails with these 3 tips

Transactional emails are an often overlooked marketing channel that can drive traffic, boost...

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Three Gods putting a puzzle together

Growth Pack: Mailjet <3 ecosystems

Earlier this year, Mailjet partnered with TextMaster, PressKing and Mention to create a 4-in-1 SaaS tools package...

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Grumpy Hermes with coffee

One week. A world of APIs.

I recently got back from an API filled week in San Francisco, where we sponsored the API World...

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Two gods in front of blue and green books

Hang out with us at the NewCo Festival!

Want to get a sneak peek at the Mailjet office and learn more about how email has evolved? Then be sure to attend...

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Gods take pictures of themselves on a growth curve

Why you should be A/B testing your emails

Do you A/B test your email campaigns? If you don’t you’re missing out on a lot of valuable data...

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Hermes paints a Goddess over yellow and blue

3 ways the Apple Watch will change email marketing

With the unveiling of the Apple Watch last week, the upcoming smartwatch from, you guessed it, Apple, CEO Tim Cook showed off a product that is crammed...

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